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Congratulations to the Class of 2021 for outstanding college results.

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Founded in 1961, Viewpoint School is a nondenominational, nonprofit day school. Young people grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally in the School's nurturing environment.


Is Viewpoint's student/faculty ratio.


Represents the student of color population.


Sports teams with 15 different sports.

Viewpoint Voices


“When you have a school that is really dedicated to ensuring our children are exposed to different aspects of science, tech, engineering, art and mathematics - it's a win-win.” Nzinga Blake P '31 


“I was so grateful to be part of the Viewpoint Theater Program. It has taught me a lot about life, friendships, and hard work. The program is supported by nice people, who are willing to accept and communicate.” Jason Cheng '19


“Viewpoint students have been speaking and communicating and they've been on stage presenting themselves. They shake hands with people, and they feel valued and they feel like they matter.” Vanessa Harrington P '27 '29, Teacher of Fifth Grade


“In the Primary and Lower School each month we have a character trait, for December we have compassion, January we have tolerance and inclusivity. And it really prepares you to be a better human being and a better leader. ” Sebastian '27


“Once a Viewpoint Student, always a Viewpoint student. I don't think it ever leaves you, the things that you learn here and all the experiences that you go through really do stick with you and help shape who you are on such a fundamental level. ” Lucia Reynolds '20


“Viewpoint is not just about creating and making great students, but we're making excellent people. We're making future leaders.” Justin Hackitt, Teacher of Science, Head Cross Country Coach


“Everyone has different views, but we're all in this together and we're all working towards similar goals.” Zoey '25


I have been involved with PPDI over the years and hope to create more community and more awareness of our similarities and to celebrate our differences. Bringing individuals together will create the building blocks our children can take with them to explore other cultures.Cachi Baier P '18 '23

Life at Viewpoint

At Viewpoint, educational excellence is rooted in making connections: to subject matter, to personal passions, and to each other. Take a glimpse into our connected community.

$5.4 million

Total financial aid awarded in 2019-20.


Is the number of zip codes Viewpoint students come from.


Is the number of countries represented at Viewpoint.

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