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Grades K-5 After-School Enrichment

Viewpoint School is pleased to offer a number of After-School Enrichment classes for children in Primary and Lower Schools. These classes are designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests. Classes typically run for six to eight weeks, depending on the School calendar. 

Primary & Lower School

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  • After-School Enrichment

    After-School Enrichment classes are offered every day after school and may include science, chess, music, sports, cooking, and more. These classes are taught by Viewpoint faculty or instructors from third-party companies. There is an additional fee for these activities.
  • Calabasas Waves Swim Club

    Viewpoint School’s Calabasas Waves Swim Club is a swim program affiliated with USA Swimming available to Viewpoint students with an interest in swimming. Students interested in becoming members must be “water safe” and must also register as a member of USA Swimming. For more information about Calabasas Waves, please visit the at

    Please note that new swimmers must try out by appointment. 

    To inquire about Calabasas Waves or to schedule a try out please contact:
    Coach Greg Bisheff, 818-591-6472
  • Chorus

    Primary and Lower School Choruses are open to all First through Fifth Grade students. Detailed information about After-School Chorus is sent home shortly after the start of the school year. A variety of musical pieces are taught and students have opportunities to perform at multiple events.
  • Dance

    The After-School Dance Program is open to students enrolled in First through Fifth Grades. It offers all participants the opportunity to learn basic ballet technique and terminology. The program emphasizes proper body placement, taught with barre and floor exercises appropriate to the dancer’s skill level. In addition, the class uses music written by composers currently being studied in the Music Program. Participants have opportunities to perform at multiple events.
  • Music Instruction

    In First through Fourth Grades, Viewpoint offers an optional program for students to receive Suzuki-method instruction on violin, viola, or cello for an additional fee. This instruction takes place either before or after school and requires parent participation. Arrangements for Suzuki-method instruction are made separately with the Music Department Chair. Students who achieve a certain level of proficiency will be invited to join the Primo Orchestra.

    Traditional Strings study is also offered to Third and Fourth Grade students for violin, viola, cello, or bass after school and does not require parental participation. After one year, students may be invited to join the Primo Orchestra. A fee is required for this program.

Middle School Clubs and Student Activities

Student Council
The Middle School students are led by a Student Council composed of officers elected by the student body. Homeroom Representatives are elected from each Homeroom Advisory once per semester. Those running for the Student Council Executive Committee must give a speech at Assembly and may also create campaign posters. Elections for the Student Council Executive Committee are held once per semester to allow many students to participate in student government and to develop their leadership skills. In addition to their responsibility to support a positive and inclusive school climate through the example they set, Student Council members work together to plan school spirit days, to organize lunchtime activities for students and to assist in the preparation and coordination of other student activities, such as dances, and to organize fundraisers for local charitable organizations. Student Council members may also be called upon to represent the Middle School in special events, and may meet with members of the school administration to make suggestions about aspects of student life.

The Middle School is home to a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities based on students’ hobbies and interests. Students have the opportunity to learn about ongoing clubs—or to develop new ones—during our Middle School Club Fair each fall.
A sampling of Middle School clubs and how they are involved in life at Viewpoint:
  • Garden Club: Students in this club maintain and harvest food from a community garden in the ECOLET.
  • Earth Club: This organization considers the environmental sustainability of our campus operations, in addition to planning a series of fun and educational lunchtime and assembly events for the entire Middle School during Earth Week in order to raise awareness of environmental issues.
  • Improv Club: Students hone their acting skills—or just have fun—playing improv theater games.
  • Computer Programming Club: Students design programs and games in our Middle School computer lab.
  • MATHCOUNTS: This team prepares and competes against other schools in an annual “bee”-style mathematics competition.
  • Science Olympiad: This team prepares and competes against other schools in an annual K-12 science competition.

Upper School Clubs and Student Activities

Student Council
The Student Council represents the student body, serves as a liaison between students and the faculty, and participates in the overall management of student affairs. Executive Board Officers are elected by their peers during the spring for the following school year. Class Officers and Homeroom Representatives are elected by their peers at the beginning of the year. All Student Council members serve a one-year term.

Student Council members are integral in organizing and running Spirit Week, Spirit Days, dances, pep-rallies, and other various on and off-campus social events.

Clubs at Viewpoint School are sponsored, driven, led, and promoted by students. They encourage student involvement, enhance the student experience, create a diverse community, and provide opportunities for students to build leadership skills. Open to all Viewpoint students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. In the fall of each year, students may sponsor a new or previously existing club. Students then host a Club Fair, which is designed to help students learn what activities are available for them to join.
A sampling of Upper School clubs and how they are involved in life at Viewpoint:
  • Viewpoint Arts & Music Society: Co-hosts weekly “Good Vibes Fridays” music on the Plaza during lunch
  • Environmental Sustainability Council: Hosts newly-created annual Environmental Summit on-campus for Viewpoint and other local independent schools to network and learn from each other.
  • Social Justice and Equity Club: Hosts small group discussions and school Assemblies on topics such as inclusion and microaggressions.
  • Feminism Club: Hosts student and guest speakers during lunch and after school on topics such as representation of women’s bodies in the media.
  • Heal the Bay Club: Hosts students beach clean-ups on weekends at the local Santa Monica and Zuma beaches, which offer students an opportunity for service credit.
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