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  • How do I get started and what are the details?

    1. Party Book is only for Viewpoint families no outside guest can purchase into a Viewpoint party/event as this is solely for Viewpoint families and generally no kids, unless specifically approved or stated otherwise.
    2. Once you have decided on the party/event you want to host it will be posted with all the details on the Viewpoints Web site under Party Book.
    3. Viewpoint parents can select as many parties/events they want to attend, pay with a credit card directly to Viewpoint on the Viewpoint Web site. All funds go directly to Viewpoint to better our school and are directed to the Benefit and is entirely separate from Viewpoint's Annual Fund.
    4. When a Party Book has sold out you can contact Tanya Kramer, and she will put you on a waiting list.
    5. Payment is non-refundable, if you are unable to attend your payment will be considered as a donation to Viewpoint School. If the event is cancelled by the host, your payment will be refunded.
  • What is the Party Book?

    Party Book is an opportunity to attend exciting parties/events created and hosted by Viewpoint’s Families! It is a new opportunity to create bonds with other families in our community.
    • First, you (or together with another family) simply decide on the Party/Event you want to have.
    • Next, you decide on the date, time and place.
    • The Party Book Coordinator, Tanya Kramer, will help you with anything you need. Once the details are set and approved, your Party details will be posted on the Party Book page on the website.
    • Party Book parties will be spread throughout the year, giving everyone an opportunity to attend one or more parties/events. A majority of the Parties will be posted on Viewpoint’s Website in January at a specific date and time to be determined. Throughout the school year, some new parties will be added.
    • Whatever parties do not sell out in January will remain available until the actual party/event occurs.
    • There are so many great ideas for a Party Book: BBQs, Game nights, Basketball games, Poker night, Hiking, Movie Screenings, Wine Tasting, Cooking Classes, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Parties, Disco Nights, etc. The possibilities are endless!
    • Any party/event you create can be a great idea! Think of a personal connection you may have to create a unique party, or an interest or hobby you may have, or a sporting or entertainment event to which you may have access.
    • As parents, we have packed schedules, and we rarely get the opportunity to meet and to spend time with other Viewpoint families. These parties/events are designed to bring parents together, to create a stronger bond and sense of community among Viewpoint Families, while having fun!

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