Annual Fund

Enrich Learning

The Viewpoint Fund is a yearly campaign, which provides critical support to enrich learning and to prepare our students for a complex world. A gift to the Viewpoint Fund is the first and most important gift we ask of our current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends. Last year we achieved 90%+ parent participation in the Viewpoint Fund for the fifth year in a row. 

The Viewpoint Fund provides immediate budgetary support on an annual basis to the areas of greatest need. Your participation helps to ensure Viewpoint's solid financial future and inspires contributions from foundations and corporations to support the School.
Every year we seek to increase the Viewpoint Fund to further strengthen and to support the people and programs at Viewpoint above and beyond what tuition provides. The Viewpoint Fund is an expectation we hope you will embrace. Please know that as much as we appreciate leadership gifts, a gift in any amount truly helps. Thank you for giving.

Our goal is to reach 100% parent participation in the Viewpoint Fund.
Please enjoy this 2016-17 Annual Fund Thank You video as an expression of our gratitude.

Annual Fund Committee

AF Co-Chairs Middle & Upper                              
Jaelee & Frank Watanabe

AF Co-Chairs Primary & Lower                            
Karen & Scott Faulhaber
AF Leadership Co-Chair Middle & Upper           
David ZeBrack

AF Leadership Co-Chair Primary & Lower         
Jon French
Parent Ambassador                                                 
Inga Goodman

Grandparent Chairs
Liz & David Kirschner
Alumni Parent Chairs
Diana & Brad Rodgers

Middle & Upper Class Captains
2017 – Hemali Dave
2017 – M.B. Gordy
2018 – Chris & Amy Enuke
2018 – Alison Lindgren
2018 – David Hoberman
2019 – Frank & Jaelee Watanabe
2020 – Matthew & Lara Nesburn
2021 – Sid Gunasekera
2022 – Monica Case
2022 – Arthur Gomez
2022 – Sheri Ready
2023 – Jillion Weisberg
Primary & Lower Class Captains 
2024 – Juan Alva (Petty)
2024 – Gigi Bishai (Harrington)
2024 – Dick & Olga Robertson (Fox)
2025 – Mike Murphy & Inely Cassia Cesna (Ende)
2025 – Nonie Shore (Locoi)
2025 – Daryl Thrasher (Sun)
2026 – Stephen Earley (Heimsath)
2026 – Kerry & Linda Harrison &
Michael & Judy Maddox (Watkins) 
2026 – Sean MacNeill (Brennan)
2027 – Rubina Habis (Robbins)
2027 – Inga Goodman (Meyers)
2027 – Amy Sylla (Novick)
2028 – Greg Friberg (Ashen)
2028 – Sean & Tabitha Kane (Burch)
2028 – Brian & Tina Wynn (Cooper)
2029 – Sige Gutman (Stevens)
2029 – Michael Hakim (Blevins)
2029 – Jared & Jessie Wolfson (Schulhof)


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