Athletics Today

Where Are They Now

Zae Alcedo '15 is playing football at Washington University, St. Louis
Aram Arslanian '16 is playing basketball at Lake Forest College
Adam Balaban '14 is playing football at Colby College
David Berger-Maneiro '15 is swimming at Cal Tech
Briar Blake '14 is playing soccer at Santa Clara University
David Cutler '13 is playing volleyball at Pratt Institute
Sayo Denloye '16 is playing basketball at Hamilton Collge
Noah Doneen '14 is playing football at Trinity University
Daniel Essayan '15 is running cross country at Occidental College
Zel Fortson '16 is playing volleyball at New York University
Charlie Fries '13 is playing football at Pomona-Pitzer
Rachel Furash '16 is playing volleyball at Tufts University
Chandler Gee '16 is playing football at Bowdoin College
Julian Gordy '15 is playing tennis at Claremont McKenna College
Liam Gunn '13 is swimming at Bowdoin College
Alyssa Hinojosa '16 is playing soccer at University of Oregon
Caitlin Hogan '16 is rowing at Stanford
Allison Hoops '15 is swimming at University of Puget Sound 
Tim Howell '14 is playing basketball at Whitman College
Mike Jones '16 is playing football at Moorpark College
Christian Juzang '16 is playing basketball at Harvard University
Mitch Kerner '14 is playing baseball at Emory University
Lev Khodadvery '14 is playing rugby at Middlebury College
Darius Mackenzie '14 is playing tennis at the University of Wisconsin
Adam Markun '14 is playing rugby at Middlebury College
Max Miller '14 is swimming at Rhodes College
Dante Nepa '16 is playing football at the University of Chicago
Miye Oni '15 is playing basketball at Yale University 
Jonny Paul '13 is playing basketball at Southern Connecticut State
Zoe Pierrat '13 is swimming at Colorado College
Harrison Raine '15 is playing lacrosse at Colorado College
Jack Rhodes '15 is playing football at Tufts University
Elizabeth Sheffield '13 is playing volleyball at U.C.S.B.
Dean Shoham '15 is playing basketball at Macalester College
Jessica Sprague '16 is playing volleyball at Ohio Wesleyan University
Thomas Sprague '14 is playing baseball at Emory University
Tyler Sprague '12 is playing baseball at Emory University
Jonathan Star '16 is playing tennis at Tulane University
Kristen Such '15 is swimming at the University of Chicago
Bobby Webster '14 is playing football at Williams College
Charlie Werman '13 is playing tennis at Chapman University
Nishanth Yamani '12 is playing tennis at U.C.L.A.