Affording Viewpoint

Viewpoint School maintains a strong commitment to broadening socioeconomic diversity by providing financial assistance and payment plans to families who could not otherwise attend our School. We understand that your child's future is one of the most important investment decisions you will make. Because of this commitment, our programs benefit our community as a whole.
Need-Based Financial Aid
Almost 20 percent of the student body receives financial aid from a budget of more than $4,000,000. The School is committed to providing access for its students, including recipients of Financial Aid, to all required programs and activities of the School.
Financial Aid is awarded based upon demonstrated need, but without regard to sex, race, religion, or national or ethnic origin. The School's Financial Aid Committee considers a family's cash flow, assets, number of dependents, provisions for retirement, and extraordinary expenses in assessing its ability to pay for educational expenses. The awarding process for Financial Aid favors qualifying families whose students are enrolled in the higher grade levels, rather than the lower grade levels at Viewpoint.

Payment Plans
Viewpoint's payment plans are not outsourced to outside providers. They are managed internally by our own Business Office professionals who are helpful and supportive, know our families well and are there to serve them.  

Flexible Payment Options 
  • Payment in Full. All tuition and fees are paid by June 1, before the school year begins.
  • The Two-Payment Plan. All fees and 60 percent of tuition are due by June 1. The remaining 40 percent is due by December 1. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is also required. 
  • The Monthly Payment Plan. Families pay all fees by June 1, and can pay tuition in ten equal installments from June through March. Families who opt for this plan also participate in the Tuition Refund Plan and are billed a service charge.
Tuition Refund Plan 
Because the financial commitment of enrollment is for an entire year, Viewpoint offers a Tuition Refund Plan. For a charge of 1.75 percent of the total tuition, parents may insure themselves against full liability for unused tuition.

List of 2 items.

  • New Student Fees

    • The application fee is $125.
    • There is a one-time New Student Fee of $2,000. This fee adds to a capital fund for the upkeep and development of the physical plant.
  • Additional Expenses

    Tuition covers instructional costs during the academic day. Families may also incur extra fees for other expenses, depending on the grade level, ranging from $500-$1,400. These may include, but are not limited to:
    • Purchase of textbooks and laptops (Grades Six through Twelve only)
    • PE clothes and Spirit Packs (items such as specific team uniforms and equipment related to particular sports)
    • Class trips, dances, and class photos

Tuition and Fees for the 2018-19 School Year

* Primary School (Kindergarten through Grade Two) — $32,868
* Lower School (Grades Three through Five) — $33,574
* Middle School (Grades Six through Eight) — $36,995
* Upper School (Grades Nine through Twelve) — $39,127