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Students in the Upper School are encouraged to seek academic support from their subject specific teachers. Support outside of the class time is offered daily, during Academic Assistance, from 2:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. During this time all faculty can be accessed in their classrooms. Students ought to come to Academic Assistance with questions for their teachers; and specifically during days leading up to a test or quiz, and as they begin preparing for final exams. Although many students participate in activities after school, the 2:45 to 3:15 Academic Assistance time, is reserved for academic support. All Viewpoint School after school commitments begin after 3:15 p.m. to ensure that students have this time for their academics.

Academic support at Viewpoint is available to all students seeking to develop independent learning strategies. 
Viewpoint recognizes the uniqueness of each child and is committed to the preservation and development of that individuality. The learning center is particularly dedicated to supporting that aspect of the school’s mission statement.
While Viewpoint does not offer a special education program, the Upper and Middle School Learning Specialists work to develop academic support plans, coordinate accommodations, foster self-advocacy and act as liaisons between families, faculty and outside providers for students with accommodations. Referrals for educational and other professional assessments can be provided. The Upper and Middle School Learning Specialists also provide guidance and a process for requesting accommodations on national standardized exams.

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  • Danielle Burness 

    Learning Specialist, MS/US
    Loyola Marymount University - BA
    Loyola Marymount University - MA (2)
  • Laree Henning 

    School Counselor, Grades 5-8
    California Lutheran University - BA
    California Lutheran University - MS
  • Elizabeth Pappademas 

    Learning Specialist, MS/US
    Berklee College of Music - BM
    California State University, Northridge - MA