Upper School

Grades 9 - 12

Viewpoint's students thrive in the Upper School's comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum, completing course work of significant depth and breadth. The academic program teaches students a fundamental body of knowledge, refines their aptitude for critical thinking, and fosters their capacity to exercise clear, moral judgment. With classes of 10-22 students, teachers are able to create a stimulating learning environment that helps students reach their fullest potential.

The core curriculum consists of courses in English, mathematics, social studies, science, and world languages. Fourteen honors and 28 Advanced Placement courses challenge students who can work at an accelerated pace. The scores of Viewpoint's students are typically amongst the highest in the nation on these highly competitive national exams, a major asset to students applying to the most competitive colleges.      

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  • Alan Howie 

    Head of Upper School
    Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) - BEd
  • Cisco Dilg 

    Assistant Head of Upper School
    Brown University - BA
    Columbia University - MA
  • Mara Garcia 

    Upper School Counselor; Coordinator of Human Development
    Gonzaga University - MA
    University of Redlands - BA
  • Dana Gonzalez 

    Ninth Grade Dean; Diversity Coordinator for the Middle and Upper School; Human Development Teacher
    Middlebury College - MA
    Miami University of Ohio - BA
  • Danielle Burness 

    Learning Specialist, MS/US
  • Elizabeth Pappademas 

    Assistant Learning Specialist, MS/US
    Berklee College of Music - BM
    California State University, Northridge - MA
  • Suzanne Rodas 

    Administrative Assistant to the Head of Upper School
  • Jessica Chavez 

    Upper School Attendance Clerk