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Academic support at Viewpoint is available to all students seeking to develop independent learning strategies. 
Viewpoint recognizes the uniqueness of each child and is committed to the preservation and development of that individuality. The learning center is particularly dedicated to supporting that aspect of the school’s mission statement.
While Viewpoint does not offer a special education program, the Upper and Middle School Learning Specialists work to develop academic support plans, coordinate accommodations, foster self-advocacy and act as liaisons between families, faculty and outside providers for students with accommodations. Referrals for educational and other professional assessments can be provided. The Upper and Middle School Learning Specialists also provide guidance and a process for requesting accommodations on national standardized exams.

Skills For Success
Skills For Success (SFS) is a required course for all Sixth Grade students. It is designed to support Sixth Graders in taking full advantage of new opportunities while successfully meeting the challenges they will encounter as new Middle School students. Topics addressed through SFS lessons include reading class schedules, test taking, time management, computer literacy, library use, and research. During the first few sessions, students will learn to read and follow their schedules and daily planners, as well as to locate, open, and organize their assigned lockers. Students will navigate myViewpoint, where they will have access to their nightly and weekly homework assignments, as well as keep track of projects and test dates. Students will also be supported in developing their digital literacy, including learning how to email teachers, make class folders, create MLA formatted documents and apply various Word tools to them, print documents, and develop PowerPoint presentations. Students learn basic research skills, such as choosing academic resources, citing sources, and note-taking. Several sessions will be reserved for independent research for social studies, where students will be applying many of the skills taught throughout the course.
Decision Making
Decision Making is a required course for all Seventh Grade students in which they are challenged and supported to define, discuss and experience the moral and social values Viewpoint School holds, to identify the values of their own families and the society that surrounds them, and to be able to identify, discuss and evaluate their own values and apply them to situations encountered in daily life. Topics considered in this course include trust; family, personal and societal values, including those surrounding body image; compassion and empathy; relationships, including the influence of peer pressure and setting boundaries; and decision making.

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