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Viewpoint School believes that each step in the personal and academic development of our students is equally significant, and seeks to empower students by providing engaging learning opportunities at each grade level, K-12. In developmentally appropriate ways, Viewpoint teachers in each division promote critical and creative thinking and collaborative learning, and provide opportunities for students to articulate understanding and develop leadership through expression and performance. Viewpoint teachers seek to create safe, interactive, and purposeful classroom environments that serve to enrich the student experience. Content and expectations may change as students mature, but the School’s emphasis on student engagement and participation, parent partnership, and a caring, supportive, and challenging learning climate is honored by all. Viewpoint strives in its work each day to embody and implement its Mission Statement, especially that “Viewpoint recognizes the uniqueness of each child and is committed to the preservation and development of that individuality.”

Viewpoint School fosters trust and positive communication in the learning environment by prioritizing honesty, mutual respect, consideration, and courtesy among faculty and students. The School understands that students gain confidence from experience, and students are encouraged to participate actively in a wide variety of school programs and activities. The lessons learned in the arts, athletics, and a rich co-curricular program, as well as those that emerge naturally from a strong, mutually supportive community, are as important as a student’s academic development.

Viewpoint School seeks to understand and respect the differences inherent in a multicultural environment, and to that end strives to foster and support diversity of all kinds in the school community. We prioritize the development of individual and institutional character and encourage students to be their best selves, as well as to become global citizens who bring compassion and commitment to their understanding of complex global issues.
An Independent Coeducational School From Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

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