2017-18 Board of Trustees

Mr. Jonathon Wolfson, Chair                                                 
Mrs. Halé Behzadi, Vice Chair and Chair, Committee on Trustees                
Mrs. Kafi Blumenfield
Mr. Seth Casden ’91
Mr. Jay DiMaggio, Chair, Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Tim Fish
Mr. Dirk Gates, Delegate-at-Large
Mr. Andrew Gengos
Mr. Brian Glicklich, Delegate-at-Large and Vice Chair, Strategic Plan           
Mr. Jeremy Helfand
Ms. Peggy Jones, Vice Chair, Buildings and Grounds
Mr. David Kirschner
Mrs. Anne Leonetti
Mr. Robert Lopata
Mrs. Susan Lotwin
Mr. Mike Murphy, Secretary
Mr. John Nelson
Mr. Dick Robertson, Chair, Advancement
Mrs. Jill Schecter
Mr. Charles Schetter, Chair, Strategic Plan
Ms. Sarah Spano ’05
Mrs. Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, Delegate-at-Large and Vice Chair, Committee on Trustees   
Mr. Thomas Tull
Mr. Frank Watanabe
Mr. Rob Webster, Chair, Finance Committee
Mr. Brian Wynn ’85, Vice Chair, Finance
Mr. David ZeBrack, Vice Chair, Advancement


List of 11 members.

  • Mark McKee 

    Head of School
    Harvard College - BA
    University of California, Irvine - MA
    Teachers College, Columbia University - ABD
  • Robert Bryan 

    Associate Head of School
    Southern Methodist University - BA
    University of Wisconsin-Madison - MA
  • Cathy Adelman 

    Head of Primary School
    California State University, Northridge - BA
  • Claudia Antoine 

    Head of Lower School
    California State University, Northridge - BA
    University of San Francisco - MA
  • Laurel Baker Tew 

    Chief Enrollment Officer/Director of Admission and Financial Aid
    University of Southern California - BA, MA
    University of Southern California - MA
  • Alan Howie 

    Head of Upper School
    Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) - BEd
  • Marisa Soulios Felt 

    Head of Middle School
    Trinity College - BA
    Hunter College - MS
    Columbia University - M.Ed
  • Amy Maentz 

    Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Georgetown University - BSFS
    Harvard University - MEd
  • Patrick Moyal 

    Athletic Director, Dean of CoCurriculum, MS French Teacher
    McGill University - BEd
  • Jill Shaw 

    Director of Strategic Communications
    American University - BA
  • Lissa Sholty 

    Chief Financial Officer
    California State University, Northridge - BS, CPA