Upper School Students Offer Virtual Summer Activities to Primary and Lower School Families

In the month of May, sophomore Zach Samuel mobilized a team of Upper School students to help support their teachers during the school day by engaging with their young children online through the Student-Teacher program. The program was so successful that they are extending it into summer and offering the service to our Primary and Lower School families as well.
Zach shared the thinking behind the program’s expansion, “One of the many effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the cancellation of most summer camps and activities, leaving many children with little to look forward to this summer. We hope to provide Primary and Lower school students with something fun and exciting to do through the Student-Teacher program.” 
The Student-Teacher program allows parents to request a 30-minute time slot for a Viewpoint Upper School student to video conference with their child (K-5). These sessions of virtual engagement could entail tutoring, games, reading/storytelling, singing, art projects, or many other activities. Depending on the child's needs, the parents can request any form of engagement for each session. Most sessions are one-on-one, but siblings can register to participate in sessions together if they’d like.
Zach continued, “For the past few weeks, the Student-Teacher program has helped teachers balance their childcare and teaching responsibilities. The program has been very successful and received great feedback, so we are looking forward to offering this service to the greater Viewpoint community!”
You can register for the program here: https://forms.gle/G6uqr2MVkayhkXNq5. Please reach out to Zach at z.Samuel22@Viewpoint.org if you have any questions or concerns.
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