Viewpoint Continues to Answer the Call to Action

It has been less than two weeks since we started producing 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers. We now have over two hundred shield pieces printed and we have added two new Lulzbot Workhorse printers to the production line. We have delivered over one hundred and sixty completed face shields to our local healthcare workers.
Wyatt T ‘23 printed eight CrashSpace masks from their home 3D printer. As it turns out, the USC Keck center receiving these masks have had their requests met! We will be able to send Wyatt’s masks to others in need. We fulfilled a special request from a Viewpoint family who has family members in urgent need of PPE in Sacramento and Tennessee. 

The Viewpoint Swim team answered the call to action by delivering one hundred and fifty meals, drinks, and snacks to the West Hills Hospital Heroes. Additionaly donating $300 to the Call to Action Fund. Viewpoint students Chris L and Haley B, both from the Class of 2021, have helped Robotics, Physics, and Engineering Teacher Lance Rush redesign the face shield files for maximum print efficiency. The updated designs have been sent to NIH and Budmen Industries for evaluation. We now have three individuals outside of the Viewpoint community who have joined our production line by making pieces for the face shields in their homes. 

The Viewpoint Cross Country team started a fundraiser called “I Pledge to Run” at the beginning of Spring Break to help support their continuing training. The team has raised over $3,700 and ran over 1350 miles. The money will benefit two charities to help support those working on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19: World Central Kitchen and Center for Disaster Philanthropy.  

Head of School, Mr. McKee and the Head of the Science Department, Craig Didden made the latest delivery of 65 face shields to West Hills Hospital.  While delivering, they had an opportunity to thank Dr. Lavin and the Chief of Staff, Frank Candela MD.  

We continue to have more families reach daily to answer the call. We are working quickly to identify how they can help and serve our community, locally and beyond. As we head back to remote school, Viewpoint will continue to answer the call. We are working with Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center and other local hospitals to provide Budmen face shields. lIf you would like to help, please contact Lisa Kessler at lisa.kessler@viewpoint.org or Alison Corneau at alison.corneau@viewpoint.org
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