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Viewpoint Families and the Local Community Answer the Call

A lot has happened in the first week of Spring Break. The Instagram Call to Action post has the Viewpoint Community and some of our neighbors helping local healthcare workers in a variety of ways. The machines continue to hum along in the Corneau, Didden, Kessler, and Rush faculty homes, where all of the family members are jumping in to assemble face shields and make sure the printers stay busy. 3D printed face masks, face shield pieces, and door openers are all being fabricated on Viewpoint’s Lulzbot 3D printers.
We also have non-faculty students and their families heating up their printers to help the cause. Within an hour of our first Instagram post, Casey B. ‘26, asked to help with his own Flashforge Finder 3D printer.  Although his printer’s build plate was too small to print the face shields for West Hills Hospital, he still wanted to help. As of Saturday morning, he had already printed 8 masks. Ben C. ‘26, Ashley C. ‘26, Olivia C. '31 and their family are also using their Flashforge home printer to help fabricate 3D printed masks. The masks they are printing have been approved by USC Keck and can be found on the CRASH Space blog. Wyatt T. ‘23 and his family have also started the 3D print effort and have started making masks as well. 

Additional goggles and safety glasses were given to West Hills Hospital and the first 40 of the 100 Budmen Industries designed face shields that were requested were delivered to Dr. Mark Lavin on Saturday. The other 60 will be delivered early next week when the plastic shields arrive. Word spread quickly through the hospital of Viewpoint's efforts, and within the same day of the face shield delivery, Dr. Lavin connected relatives of one of West Hills Hospital's doctors with Viewpoint. Before the day’s end, they had a face shield part printed on their Ender 3 Pro.

We are also working with other local doctors and we are in contact with Kaiser Woodland Hills as well as some doctors in Northern California. One hundred face masks and 30 3D printed face shields were picked up to help protect Care One Hospice doctors and nurses who make home visits. 

Other members of the Viewpoint community are helping as well. The Viewpoint Swim Team started a Sign-Up Genius and will be delivering 130 meals, along with digital messages of support, to West Hills Hospital this coming Thursday. As Spring Break started, the Upper School Cross Country team started a fundraiser titled “I Pledge to Run.” Each coach, athlete, and some of their family members are pledging to run, bike, or swim a certain distance and raise money to match. All proceeds will benefit two charities: World Central Kitchen and Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Follow the teams on Instagram for more information: @ViewpointSwim and @ViewpointXCTF.

The Upper School's laser cutter has been cutting plastic for face shields and the Innovation Space's laser cutter has been cutting fabric to create cloth face masks. Members of the Viewpoint community are putting their sewing skills to the test to help make face masks. Even people who learned to sew at Makerfest are applying their newly learned skills. Lucia T-J. ‘30 and Amoura T-J. ‘32 and their family have a foundation that is launching a campaign called #EverydayKindness and will be making no-sew masks to donate.

Thank you Viewpoint families for answering the call to help our local healthcare workers. If you would like to answer the call for help, please contact Lisa Kessler at or Alison Corneau at
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