Viewpoint School is Using 3D Printing to Help Our Local Healthcare Workers

On the first day of Spring Break, Viewpoint teachers stepped up to answer a call to action for the need for personal protective equipment for local hospitals. Five of Viewpoint’s Taz6 Lulzbot 3D printers are humming all day long in the homes of seven of Viewpoint Schools teachers.
The printers are filling an order for 100 protective face shields that will be used to protect West Hills Hospital’s health care workers. Each Budmen Industries designed shield can be printed in just under two and a half hours, and then assembled with a band, foam and PaperGala plastic shield, in less than two minutes.  

We found West Hills Hospital’s call for help through the website Find the Masks, where hospitals seek help for donations of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). When we contacted Dr. Marc Lavin with a few possible designs for the masks, the doctors wanted to know:  How much would they cost? How many could we make? And how soon could we get the masks to them? Head of School Mark McKee immediately responded that Viewpoint would donate the face shields and supplies. The Science Department and Innovation Space have already sent gloves, masks, and goggles along with the first three Budmen face shield prototypes. The prototypes were evaluated by West Hills Hospital doctors and the requested changes are being made. In just three days, we already have over 80 of the visor pieces printed for the face shields. We have also been able to cut our print time down.

Already, we have seen photos of the ER healthcare workers wearing the safety glasses and goggles that were delivered with safe social distancing. If you have a 3D printer in your home or at work and would like to help, please contact alison.corneau@viewpoint.org. Together, we can help our local communities.
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