Students from Jiaxiang School in Chengdu, China Visit Viewpoint

This week, Viewpoint is hosting a group of 15 students and three teachers from Jiaxiang School in Chengdu, China. During spring break 2019, a group of our Chinese language students visited their school in Chengdu, and Viewpoint is very excited have them here. The School also would like to thank the Viewpoint families who are hosting a visiting student in their home, creating an opportunity for them to experience family life in Los Angeles. 
The mostly Ninth and Tenth Grade students have spent the week attending classes with their host student and attending special programs designed for them on campus. On Tuesday, January 14, the Jiaxiang students gave a presentation on the celebration of Chinese New Year to the Parent Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion (PPDI). The students were well prepared, well spoken, and quite funny, and the parents in attendance were delighted learn about the origin and customs that surround “The Spring Festival” as well as about student life in China.
The Jiaxiang students’ visit to Viewpoint will conclude with a Farewell Banquet and tour at the Reagan Library on Friday night. For the School and the students, this exchange has been a wonderful experience that underscores the importance of coming together as peers and friends. In their presentation to the PPDI, the Jiaxiang students expressed their desire for greater collaboration and cooperation between people from different countries, and it is by creating connections and relationships this goal can be achieved.
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