Viewpoint Conducts Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

On Thursday, October 17, at 9:35 a.m., Viewpoint conducted a Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. This drill gave the School an opportunity to simulate with students and staff what should be done on campus after the shaking of a major earthquake has stopped.
With white tents marked to indicate Search and Rescue, Check-In Information, and First Aid, the School’s Ring Family Field was a hive of activity. Each member of the staff and the Upper and Middle Schools’ faculty had a role to play. 

Simeon Cooper, Campus Safety Manager, explained the process, “This morning before the drill, some of the faculty and staff were given envelopes with the name of a person injured or missing. Inside the envelope was a list of medical symptoms or conditions for search and rescue. Students also received envelopes letting them know that they would be considered injured or missing during the drill. Those faculty and students who had the role of being injured then waited to be rescued by the Search and Rescue Team, unless their injury instructions card indicated that they only had a minor injury. As the students tagged with injuries approached the First Aid table, they were checked in and directed to tents set up to treat the injured.”
For the students in Primary and Lower School, they had their own age-appropriate earthquake drill on Robertson Family Field.

Mr. Cooper added, “Holding this drill, complete with first aid and search and rescue for the Middle and Upper Schools and a modified drill for the Primary and Lower Schools, was a great exercise. We know we would be safe in an emergency, and it gives our students, faculty, and families confidence in their safety at School.”
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