Viewpoint Celebrates 9th Annual All-School International Potluck

LeRhonda Greats, Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Life.
On Friday, September 27, the Viewpoint community came together for the School’s 9th Annual International Potluck hosted by the PPDI (Parent Partnership of Diversity and Inclusivity).
This event was established to bring the entire school together around food, crafts, music, and fun led by student volunteers from both the Upper and Middle Schools. The delicious food, with origins from around the globe, was provided by parents across all four divisions. 
Special thanks to Riley H. ’22 who volunteered to put together a group of singers – they were amazing. The wonderful music provided by Riley H., Romi K. ’22, Maya F.’ 21, and Dani G. ’20 included Disney Medley supported by choral director Mrs. Deitch. Mr. Brendle led singers Alexis H. ’20, Zoe P. ’20, and John Y. ’22, while Mr. Zilboorg’s student musicians, Jayson Z. ’20 and Charley P. ’20, played throughout the evening.
It was a great evening for all who attended!
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