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Viewpoint’s Fifth Annual All-School Convocation - A Warm Welcome to the New School Year

The excited voices of the students in Grades Kindergarten through Twelve filled the Paul Family Athletic Center (PFAC) for Viewpoint’s Fifth Annual All-School Convocation on Friday, August 30. More than 1,200 students, faculty, staff, and trustees gathered together to hear a warm welcome from Head of School Mark McKee.
As is now tradition, the event began with the seniors processing through the PFAC with a bagpipe player at the lead. The magic of the moment was heightened for the Kindergarteners, who entered the Convocation through a human tunnel made by members of the Class of 2020, many of whom had once been Primary School students themselves.
In his remarks, Mr. McKee shared the theme of the 2019-20 school year: 20/20 Vision, Values, and Connection. He invited two students from each division to share their own 20/20 vision for the year ahead, which included doing well in school and going out into the world to be a good citizen; and instead of striving for perfection, working towards the best year possible with all the inevitable highs and lows. Other students expressed the importance of protecting the environment and having compassion for everyone. Mr. McKee added, “As a school community, we are united by shared values, and connected by shared vision.” In this supportive environment, students should take the opportunity to “know yourself and be yourself,” and to look for the alignment between “what you love and what the world needs.”
For the first time, Mr. McKee also announced this year’s recipients of five awards for distinguished teaching and service to the school: Julie Clark (Handley Chair of American Studies), Lance Argano-Rush (Endowed Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies), Vicki Schulhof (Viewpoint Excellence in Teaching Prize – over 10 years of service), Caitlin Kamins and Kate Iacoi (Viewpoint Excellence in Teaching Prize – less than 10 years of service), and Lara Conklin (Spirit of Viewpoint Award).
The Convocation closed with the whole school enthusiastically singing Viewpoint’s Alma Mater. The students then exited the PFAC eager and energized for the school year ahead.
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