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MAKERFEST! In the Primary and Lower Schools

“I wish I could go back to Second Grade, so I could do these activities!”
This sentiment was overheard many times during the two-day Makerfest in the Primary and Lower Schools this week – and with good reason. 
This year, instead of the annual Valentine’s Day class parties, the children invited their parents to try out many of the “maker” activities that they do as part of their regular classes, but with a Valentine’s Day twist.

The children and their parents had the chance to visit more than 20 booths with activities that included wind tube, scribble bots, circuit board spiral art, Model Magic clay, woodworking, weaving, coding, painting with light, Design Thinking, LEGO art, and button making. Over the two-days, hundreds of students and their families worked on the collaborative Heart Mural, and it looks great!

After enjoying the hand-on activities in courtyard and Benjamin Franklin Library, and a taking a tour through the cardboard Enchanted Rainforest in the Innovation Space, the children accompanied their parents back to their classrooms to read their journals. These journals contain their writing assignments for the year to date. The parents were amazed to see how far their children had come in six months, and the children were filled with pride to share their work.

Thank you to Lisa Kessler, Travis Shojinaga, Alison Corneau, Jackie Sanchez, and so many more for making this festival of “making” possible. We cannot wait to do it again next year!
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