Another Successful Weekend for Patriot Robotics

By Lance Argano-Rush, Upper School Physics Teacher and Robotics Coach

This past weekend was very busy for the Patriot Robotics team.  Both the Upper and Middle School teams competed in separate tournaments, while the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team worked in the Robotics lab under the pressure of their deadline coming up in a week.  This weekend was the last opportunity to qualify for the VEXRobotics State Championships in March, and there was heavy action as teams scrambled for the remaining few qualification spots.
Team 1437v competed in a high school tournament in Northridge.  Having already qualified earlier in the season, team 1437v, led by Brandon F. '21 and Alyssa F. '20, took the opportunity to test out final edits to their machine and prepare for their spot in the High School State Championship, which will be held in San Diego on March 10.  The team performed exceptionally and earned a 5-0 qualifying record. They also won the remainder of the elimination bracket matches to become Tournament Champions and also won the Design Award.  
Team 510z, Patriot Robotics MS (pictured), competed for the first time in a middle school-only event held in Simi Valley. Out of the 32 teams that competed that day, 510z was the only team to post an undefeated qualifying record of 6-0. They won the remainder of the elimination matches to become Tournament Champions with a record of 9-0.  The team secured their first-ever qualification to the State Championship.   The team, whose members are Avrick A. '24, Abigail G. '24, Daniyar A. '24 and Ethan Rush '24, were ecstatic to represent their school and see a year of hard work be rewarded with such a positive outcome. 
Patriot Robotics would like to thank all the members of the community that help support the Robotics programs.
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