Viewpoint Celebrates the Holiday Season with the First Graders in Little Fir Tree

Even in Southern California, children delight in the idea of snow for the holidays, and with a gentle dusting of powder the First Graders celebrated the holiday season with three productions of Little Fir Tree
Presented in the Carlson Family Theater, the performance of this play is one of Viewpoint’s most cherished traditions.
Written by Mrs. Dorothy Crighton, Viewpoint’s beloved early First Grade Teacher, Little Fir Tree was first performed at Viewpoint in 1964. Based upon an old European legend, the play tells the story of three fir trees vying to be the Christmas tree for the center of town, and how the loving, generous spirit of the smallest tree wins the honor.

“This play is one of my favorites for its sweet message of kindness and compassion,” said Mrs. Cathy Adelman, Head of Primary School. “The children all embrace the simple, but lovely story, and all three classes did a beautiful job.”
Every year each of the three First Grade Classes presents the play separately, which gives more children the opportunity to perform the solo roles of the Big Tree, the Middle Tree, the Little Tree, and the Little Bird. With the dancing snowflakes, the singing reindeer, and the young mustache-wearing woodsmen, this 54-year-old tradition continues to charm audiences and evoke the generous spirit of the holiday season.
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