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Beyond the Gallery: Middle School Mural Painting Students Tour Downtown Los Angeles

Think back to the last time you viewed a painting: What image comes to mind? Was it large or small? Did it belong to a collection, or belong to no one? Was it inside of a gallery, or on a wall…or somewhere else?
On Monday, Donna Hicks’ Middle School Mural Painting students discovered art “beyond the gallery” as they participated in a guided tour of street art in Downtown Los Angeles. Led by guides from LA Art Tours, many of whom are active street artists, students considered how space and creativity are intertwined. In preparation for the mural project they will carry out on Viewpoint’s campus this semester, our students learned about the mural planning process, how to design and create works for large public spaces–and how to spot art in unexpected locations!

This was truly an eye-opening experience for our students, and we look forward to seeing how it will inspire our students’ campus mural work this semester!

(This article is from the Middle School Blog, Finding Meaning in the Middle.)
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