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Viewpoint's Environmental Sustainability Council Plans to Reduce Plastic Consumption on Campus

Over the summer, Viewpoint's Middle School Earth Club and Upper School Environmental Sustainability Council (ESC), along with Environmental Sustainability Coordinator/Middle School Science Teacher Adam Yates, worked with leadership to move the School from single-use plastic water bottles and straws to paper-based alternatives. They expect that this will reduce plastic consumption by 40,000 bottles over the course of the school year.
In a message sent last month to parents, Sophie B. '19 and Rebecca Danese '19, president and vice president of the ESC, wrote: "Our goal is to make Viewpoint as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Reducing our single-use plastic consumption decreases the School’s overall carbon footprint and implementing these sustainable alternatives will encourage other schools around us to make similar changes.  In addition to wanting to reduce how much plastic we consume, all of us involved in ESC are aware of our special connection to the environment directly around us. Because we are so close to the ocean, we know the impact of plastic materials (including, but not limited to, water bottles and straws) on marine life. By decreasing our plastic use, we hope to further limit how much plastic enters both the landfill and our oceans."

Click here to read about how Viewpoint is working alongside the City of Calabasas and the City of Malibu to reduce plastic consumption.
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