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Middle School


Viewpoint School eagerly celebrates the energy, idealism, and openness of students in Grades Six through Eight while encouraging their increasing maturity, academic progress, and responsibility. We appreciate our Middle Schoolers' diverse natures: the joys, challenges, developmental changes, and vulnerability experienced in this transitional period. Students' years in Middle School are among the most exciting and dynamic times in their lives. This Division addresses the distinctive needs of early adolescence by offering small classes, a nurturing community for learning, an advisory system that provides each student with individual attention, and rich elective and community service opportunities.
Acting as a bridge between Lower and Upper School, the Middle School offers an academic program at whose core lies the development of critical thinking and study skills. Teachers and administrators are specialists in the academic topics they teach and are especially sensitive to the developmental changes of young adolescents. They offer the support and guidance that help each student to reinforce and apply skills previously learned, but also to stimulate their emerging ability in independent thinking, abstract reasoning, intellectual integrity, and social maturity.
The program emphasizes the development of work and study habits to ensure success, given the ever-increasing demands of academic studies. These newfound abilities make the Middle School an exciting place for both students and teachers. The Middle School program offers traditionally-paced, college preparatory courses, as well as accelerated math and science courses. The Academic Assistance period each day and study halls provide opportunities for individual help and guidance.
The Middle School's interscholastic athletic program offers students ten different sports over three seasons. The Middle School also offers students the first opportunity to make choices in the selection of elective classes.
Diversity and Inclusivity
Diversity in the Middle School curriculum serves to raise awareness of ourselves, others, and our surroundings, as well as to encourage understanding of difference, privilege, and oppression of all group-based identities. The Middle School strives to promote this understanding throughout its curriculum and, in particular, through its Advisory and Assembly programs, with facilitation by our Diversity Coordinator.

Viewpoint fosters the belief that through exploration and greater understanding of experiences and perspectives outside of our own, we come to a greater understanding of ourselves. The concepts of community, identity, and world citizenship are also key components of Viewpoint’s mission, and serve as guiding frameworks for our Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade advisory curricula. Viewpoint is committed to reflecting all diversity, both visible and invisible, within our curriculum to ensure every voice is heard and to foster a welcoming and safe environment. We do this with the understanding that a diverse classroom and curriculum create the most effective, authentic, and powerful learning environment and best prepare our students for the global world.
Contact Us
Marisa Felt
Head of Middle School
Trinity College - BA
Hunter College - MS
Columbia University - M.Ed

Melissa Strong
Assistant Head of Middle School
University of California, Los Angeles - BA
University of California, Los Angeles - MA

Eliot Saki
Aquatics Director; Director of Student Affairs; Community Liaison
California State University, Long Beach - BA
University of La Verne - MS

Amanda Quintanilla
Middle School Counselor
Pepperdine University - MA
University of Missouri - BA
University of Missouri - MA

Katie Hanks
Middle School Dean of Students
California State University, Northridge - BA

Casey Dodd
Director of Student Activities
California State University, Northridge - BA

Jacki Dresher
Administrative Assistant to Head of Middle School
LTU - Legal Secretary Certificate

Elise Kabelitz
Middle School Administrative Assistant