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Capital Gifts

Capital Giving is an investment in the future

Our learning spaces must necessarily evolve over time to adapt to a changing world and to embrace our forward-looking educational pedagogy. In short, we know that spaces expand learning. To remain at the leading edge of 21st century education requires an investment in facilities, infrastructure, and technology.  Capital Gifts are not simply investments in bricks and mortar. They are investments in people!
“We must ensure not only the very best school for our students TODAY, but also for TOMORROW, and for an uncertain FUTURE.” Mr. Robert Bryan, Associate Head of School
In addition to your Annual Fund Support, periodically you may be asked to join in the next chapter in our School’s future with a Capital Gift. 

Our community’s partnership in a bold vision allowed us to complete Viewpoint’s 15-year Master Plan in 2016. Since 2005, we have built over 240,000 square feet of state-of-the art facilities serving all students K- 12.  Your children benefit from the generosity of those families who came before yours. Our community has a history of coming together to make things happen!


Amy Maentz
Interim Assistant Head of School for Advancement
An Independent Coeducational School From Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

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