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Viewpoint Fund
viewpoint fund

In a year of uncertainty, Viewpoint has adapted to provide an exceptional learning environment for our students, while ensuring the safety of our community. A contribution to the Viewpoint Fund supports the teachers and administrators who are ALL IN and continue to innovate and nurture the next generation of confident and compassionate leaders.Trustees Halé Behzadi P'19 '10 and Sarah Spano '05

The Viewpoint Fund is a yearly campaign, which provides critical support to enrich learning and to prepare our students for a complex world. A gift to the Viewpoint Fund is the first and most important gift we ask of our current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends. 

The Viewpoint Fund is a budgeted line item in the school’s 2021-22 operating budget and provides immediate budgetary support on an annual basis to the areas of greatest need. Your participation helps to ensure Viewpoint's solid financial future and inspires contributions from foundations and corporations to support the School.

Every year we seek to increase the Viewpoint Fund to further strengthen and to support the people and programs at Viewpoint above and beyond what tuition provides. The Viewpoint Fund is an expectation we hope you will embrace. Please know that as much as we appreciate leadership gifts, a gift in any amount truly helps.

Our theme this year is ALL IN, and we hope that we can count on you to show your ALL IN support for the Viewpoint Fund. Your philanthropic contribution has never been more important in sustaining our school under a set of circumstances we couldn’t have anticipated when Viewpoint’s annual operating budget was approved at the beginning of 2020.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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Viewpoint Fund - Video 1
Viewpoint Fund - Video 3
Viewpoint Fund - Video 2

Viewpoint Fund Donor Roll

Thank you to all our 2020-21 donors

Viewpoint Fund Committee

If you are interested in being a Viewpoint Fund Volunteer, please contact Jennifer Townes, Director of the Viewpoint Fund,

Our goal is to reach 100% parent participation in the Viewpoint Fund.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers:
Co-Chairs: Elena & Danny Batsalkin P'26 P'28 P'33; Lora & Anthony Goree P'23
Advancement Chair: Hale Behzadi P'10 P'19
Advancement Vice-Chair: Sarah Spano '05

Viewpoint Fund Volunteers:
George Alcantar P’24
Lisa Austin P’26
Cachi Baier P’18 ‘23
Halé Behzadi P’10 ‘19
Oye Benson P’22 ’23 ‘23
Cathy Blumel P’22 ’24 ’26 ‘32
Leyla Blumenfeld P’29
Kafi Blumenfield P’24 ‘27
Monica Borochoff P’22 
Carrie Brenner P’30
Steve Brown P’22 ‘26
Noël Buch P’28
Vivian & Ben Burkhart P’31
Michaela Carmichael P’19 ‘23
Myra Chen P’27 ‘29
Mary Conlin P’21 ‘22
Karen Daniels P’21 ‘21
Jeffrey Dulberg P’20 ‘23
Allyson & Brian Eagan P’23
Amy Friedrich-Enuke & Chris Enuke P’13 ’18 ‘24
Rob Flachs P’29
Rebecca Flemming P’21
Aja Franks-Washington P’24 ‘33
Erica Friedman P’24 ’25 ’27 ‘30
Inga Goodman P’27
Lora Goree P’23
Deena Gussman P’26
Kimberly Haim P’24 ‘27
Gil Harari P’28 ‘33
Maria & Gabriel Huerta P’24
Bill Katkov P’20 ‘22
Sharon Kianfar P’31
Andrew Kieffer P’26
Missy Kolsky P’21
Marc Ladin P’26 
Veeneta Lakhani P’24 ‘26
Ross Landsbaum P’23
Cynthia Lazar Grossman P’25
Tom Lazaroff P’23 ‘26
Dawn Licht P’32
Jessica & Patrick Malone P’31 ‘32
Debra Meppen P’22
Anne Marie Mueller P’20 ‘22
Yoni Nalls P’23 ‘28
Anita Pobanz P’28 ‘30
Teja Ream P’28 ‘32
Anne Rubin P’23 ‘26
Jessica Rutten P’24
Anousheh Sabouri P’32
Alexandra Sagerman P’23 ’25 ’25
Kirit Sarvaiya P’26 ‘30
Jill Schecter P’14 ’16 ‘21
Darren Seidel P’22
Pam Shriver P’24
Amy Sommer Childress P’22
Matt Spalding P’23 ‘24
Sarah Spano '05
Courtney Spikes P’26
Lindsey Spindle P’26
Darby Stern-Sedighan '00 P’31 ‘33
Lisa Stone P’22 ‘26
Goli Vahdani P’23 ‘25
Andrea Wallace P’22
Kate White P’19 ‘23
Wendy & Rob Wright P’28
Brian Wynn '85 P’18 ’25 ‘28
David ZeBrack P’19 ‘21