Our fiscal year ends June 30. Together - we create Our Viewpoint. We need your help to join together as a community by making a charitable gift to the 2020-21 Viewpoint Fund. Every gift matters regardless of size.

The Viewpoint Fund is a budgeted line item in the school’s 2020-21 operating budget. Viewpoint needs your support now more than ever as we plan to open school in the fall under a set of circumstances we couldn’t have anticipated when the budget was approved earlier this year. 

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Welcome to Viewpoint’s online giving page, and thank you for supporting Viewpoint School. 

Your mission-critical gift enables the School to enrich our students, empower the faculty, and elevate the programs and facilities that are used to educate our students with the defining characteristics of a Viewpoint education.

Your gift touches every corner of the campus and the life of every student, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our fiscal year ends June 30, 2021.

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