“Philanthropy is a powerful catalyst for positive change.
It taps into our innate desire to support and uplift one another, channeling not only resources but also compassion. I am incredibly proud to be part of Viewpoint’s generous community of donors. Together, we are providing essential resources that empower our School to achieve new levels of excellence in education for every individual Viewpoint student. I truly believe there is no better investment than investing in our children’s future."
Michelle Bradway P’28, ‘28
Trustee and Chair of Advancement
Head of School Circle Benefactor

As the President and Head of School, I am honored to reflect on the power of giving during the 2022-23 school year. In fact, it is the power of your giving that makes a difference here at Viewpoint.

We envision “a world where education changes lives.” Lives of our students and lives of all those that they will impact in the future. To bring this about, our teachers and our staff are the difference makers in a life-changing education. And so—giving is the difference maker in schools. It gives us the ability to recruit, retain, develop, and recognize great teachers. None of this is possible without the power of giving. As I write this, we are in the midst of another year of incredible philanthropy at Viewpoint, with an inspiring Annual Benefit right around the corner. It gives me joy to reflect on last year’s success as the foundation for this year’s moonshot.

At Viewpoint, we create exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures. Together, we cultivate the critical skill set, courageous mindset, and resilient identity of each individual student.

The Viewpoint Fund fuels this mission.

Without the support of our Viewpoint Fund donors, we simply could not offer best-in-class curricular and extracurricular programs delivered by talented and inspiring faculty. Every single gift contributes to a margin of excellence. As you scroll through this report, you will discover the impact of your gifts, and we are truly grateful for your generosity.

We also know the Power of One— that one simple act from one individual or family can be transformational in the lives of our students.

On May 13, 2023, our community came together for Viewpoint’s 40th Annual Benefit at the Skirball Cultural Center with hundreds of parents, alumni, grandparents, and staff gathering to celebrate the creation of the Cathy Adelman Endowment Fund for Financial Aid, the first-ever endowment fund to focus exclusively on tuition assistance for students in our Primary and Lower Schools. We grossed $1.4 million, surpassing last year’s record-breaking results by $200,000. This stunning success is a testament to the philanthropic heart of our community and to our shared commitment to Viewpoint’s World Ready promise.

In Cathy’s words, “. . . I really believe we’re going to change lives with the generosity of our community. That just means everything to me. What more could you want in your life but to feel like you’ve made a difference. And we will, and we are making a difference in every child that’s here. I really truly believe that with all my heart, but now children that would not have been able to come are going to be here.”

This is the power of philanthropy, and this is Our Viewpoint.


Mark J McKee Signature

Mark McKee

*Audited data for July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
“High quality education is crucial
to shaping our children’s growth, fueling their curiosity, and helping them discover new passions. Our contributions are an investment in our children’s futures and an endorsement of Viewpoint’s commitment to delivering exceptional programs for every child.”
Maggie and Thomas LEFLER P’34, ’37
Head of SCHOOL circle MEMBERS
Gifts of $100,000+
Kelly & Don Carlisi
Kelly Day Foundation
Edward E. Ford Foundation
Susie Jun & Shao-Lee Lin
Gifts of $60,000+
Michelle & Robert Bradway
Mary & John Conlin
Peggy Jones & Parise Livanos
W.M. Keck Foundation
Howard Keyes
Lucie & Eran Moas
Patty Zeng
Gifts of $25,000+
Anonymous (2)
The Beal Family
Ashley Black & Christopher Coelen
Cathy & Pete Blumel
Judy Gawlik Brown & Steven Brown
Kristen Carlson ’01
Leslie & Steven Carlson
Lisa & Gregory Cassileth
Rayna Schein & Robert Flachs
Jerriann & Quentin Fleming
Julie & John Fogerty
Zelene & Michael Fowler
Liat & Trevor Gerszt
Valerie Karno & Eric Glaser
Julia & Daniel Goodman
Bret Hankey
Tran Ho & Ken Jeong
The Kern Family
Valerie & Andrew Kieffer
Robert & Kimberly Kravis Foundation
Maggie & Thomas Lefler
Lindsey Lucibella
Erica & Jay McGraw
Ziba & Mark Nassab
Christina & Timothy Noonan
Lauren Pfefferman
Michael Pfefferman
Cathy Boething Pherson ’79 & Bruce Pherson
Kimberly Bieber & John Pietrzak
Cory & Nathaniel Redleaf
Alexandra & Eric Sagerman
Darby Stern-Sedighan ’00 & Artin Sedighan ’00
Jill & Dan Schecter
Laura Schuman
Marisa & Chaney Sheffield ’98
Gia & Paul Shurgot
I.N. & Susanna H. Van Nuys Foundation
Brooke & Jeffrey Weiss
Shelly & Bernard Wolfsdorf
Tina & Brian Wynn ’85
Audrey Xu & Andrew Yang
Christine & David ZeBrack
GIVING FROM 7/1/22 -6/30/23
Watching my four older children grow up here and become wonderful citizens of the world, I can’t imagine a better place to get an education. Viewpoint produces well-rounded individuals who are also just good people. I also have four grandchildren at Viewpoint, and many more to come, and my joy in being a part of this wonderful School only increases as I experience and re-experience each child and grandchild’s time here.”
Peggy Jones P’03, ‘05, ‘10, ‘16, ‘27, GP ‘34, ‘37, ‘37, ‘37
Trustee and Head of School Circle Patron
Every gift to financial aid has a triple impact: on the student, on the school, and on the world. Last year, Viewpoint’s 40th Annual Benefit celebrated the transformative power of our financial aid program through the creation of the first-ever endowment to focus exclusively on supporting our Primary and Lower School students. Launched in honor of our remarkable Head of Primary School, Cathy Adelman, hundreds in our community gathered to celebrate the power of a life-changing education. Every day, Viewpoint's teachers are changing lives that will change the world.

Benefactor Co-Chairs
Jackie Schaffer ’91 and Jeff Schaffer
Chaney Sheffield ’98 and Marisa Sheffield
Patron Co-Chairs
Kristen Carlson ’01
Leslie and Steve Carlson
Dr. Tran Ho and Ken Jeong
Lindsey Lucibella
Christine and David ZeBrack

Anonymous (2)
Michelle and Robert Bradway
Kristin Hodge and Jon Chu
Mary and John Conlin
Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring
Sophiah and Michael Hakim
Lyn and Alan Kabakoff
Karno Glaser Family
Peggy Jones and Parise Livanos
Jody and Brent Polacheck
Rasmussen Foundation
Jason Rouse ’96 and Michal Rouse
Pam Shriver
Dr. Niniek Purnomo and Klaus Woizik

Vice Chairs
Cathy and Neil Adelman
Kelly Adelman ’07
Cathy and Pete Blumel
Kafi and Bob Blumenfield
Judy Gawlik Brown and Steve Brown
Maria and Jay DiMaggio
Audrey and Jeff Dunham
Fishing Pole and Love Foundation
Deena and David Gussman
Jerriann and Quentin Fleming
January Jones
Margaret Keyes
Nickie and Marc Kubasak
Erica and Jay McGraw
Jennifer and Mark Measures
Swetha and Arvind Movva
Christina and Tim Noonan
Ed O’Neill
Papariella Family
Lloyd Saitman
Jill and Dan Schecter
Yuna Megre and Dmitry Sergeev
Gia and Paul Shurgot
Sharon and John Tesoriero
Patty Zeng

Auction Co-Chairs
Krystal Dry-Murphy ’03
Jerriann Fleming
Loren Francis
Kari Watson Garman
Lindsey Lucibella
Shaneka McDonald
Mark Measures
Rhonda Richards-Smith
Michal Rouse
Steve Wiseman
GIVING FROM 7/1/22 -6/30/23
“Cathy Adelman is the teacher
Annie and I both wished we had at school! Cathy is a beacon of wisdom, love, and emotional intelligence. We are thrilled to be able to support such a vital program as the Cathy Adelman Endowment Fund, building on Cathy’s legacy of uplifting education, inclusivity, and empowerment.”
Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring P’34, ’36
Benefit Co-Chairs
“WHEN THE auctioneer opens UP the bidding
on a rare experience, and paddles are raised across the tables–including mine!--I feel such a rush of excitement. Participating in Viewpoint’s Annual Benefit as an Auction Co-Chair gives me an insider’s look at what it takes to build an auction of this caliber, and the joy of knowing that I played a critical role in raising support for our students is something I look forward to every year. I urge everyone to join me–it’s great fun for a great cause!”
Lindsey Lucibella P’35, ’36
Benefit Patron and Auction Co-Chair
because it brings me immense joy. My daughter Natalya is in 9th grade and there is something truly special about giving back to a community that has given us so much. I have met some incredible people volunteering for this event and we have a lot of fun together! Another reason why I am committed to volunteering is because of Viewpoint’s dedication to world readiness. Viewpoint strives to educate our students to be global citizens, equipped with the skills and knowledge required to make a positive impact in the world. The Annual Benefit is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate our achievements in this area and raise funds to support our mission of creating well-rounded and culturally aware individuals. The spirit of volunteerism that permeates through our community is infectious and inspires me to continue dedicating my time and energy to making a difference.“
Shaneka McDonald P’27
Auction Co-Chair
We are pleased to acknowledge and express appreciation to all our constituents who invested in Viewpoint School during the FY23 fiscal year. This honor roll represents our donors’ cumulative giving to the Viewpoint Fund, 40th Annual Benefit, and other areas.

Gifts made from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

“It’s my pleasure to serve our community
by volunteering for the Viewpoint Fund! I hope that my contribution makes an impact and lets more people know about the value of Viewpoint! If everyone pitches in a little bit, it can add up to a lot for our students. Little by little, we will get better and better!”

我很荣幸能成为观点基金的志愿者之一,为我们的学校社区服务! 我希望我的小小贡献能让更多人了解观点学校的价值!呼吁大家为 学校贡献自己的一份绵薄之财力,聚少成多让我们的学校越来越 好!祝龙年吉祥!万事顺遂!

Kaili Xiao P’24, ’26
Viewpoint Fund Co-Chair
and are challenged and supported in their education at Viewpoint. Several years after they enrolled, our daughter joined the science faculty at Viewpoint. As proud parents, we know the upper school benefits from her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for her work, and her joy in her students’ success. From her, we know that at Viewpoint, the teaching and learning synergy is exceptional, the students are engaged, and the faculty is supported in their educational mission. It isn’t difficult to decide to become a donor to the Viewpoint Fund so the school can continue to mean so much to so many families as it has to ours.”
Richard and Cheryl Garrison GP‘24, ‘27
“as a viewpoint alum, I AM MOTIVATED
to contribute to help continue the tradition of excellence with my children and their classmates. The teachers continue to nurture and instill the love of learning in these young minds. Viewpoint was a valuable stepping stone for my success in business today, and I look forward to the continued growth of this exceptional school.”
Jonathan Noori P’09, ’36
is our way of directly contributing to the enrichment of our children’s education and to the school community that nurtures them. We’ve witnessed firsthand how every contribution to the Fund enhances the learning environment for all students, fostering innovation and excellence in areas most dear to our family—arts and STEM. It’s a meaningful investment in our children’s present experiences and their extraordinary futures.”
Tamara and Corlandos Scott P‘33, ‘35
Viewpoint Fund Co-Chair
to the Viewpoint Fund because we wholeheartedly believe in the school’s mission to create exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures. Over the last two years at Viewpoint, we have witnessed firsthand the depth of the education our son is receiving along with his growth as a resilient young man. From day one, the entire faculty and staff have been dedicated to our son’s education and development. These reasons reaffirm the value of our contribution and inspire us to give so that other children can also have a positive and impactful school experience.”
Josephine and Pramod Atluri P’26
Auction Co-Chair