Class of 2021 Fund

Honor your senior and their classmates with a gift to the

Class of 2021 Fund.

Whether your senior has spent three years or 13 years at Viewpoint, they have had experiences and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Like senior classes before theirs, families have commemorated commencement with a gift to Viewpoint. We hope you will join them.
For gifts made before June 4, you and your family's names will be listed in the Class of 2021's commencement program. Those who give leadership gifts over $10,000 will be recognized as founding members.
"It has been a long and incredible journey for our graduating children... and us. The resilience that they have shown and that type of growth they have experienced comes along once every 100 years.
On behalf of your Board of Trustees, we hope that each family is joyous about their child's entry into college, and their next step on life's incredible journey. We are excited and thrilled for your kids! 
We hope that the friends that both your children and you have made at Viewpoint School last a lifetime. All of you are very extraordinary people, and we would not be the community that we are without each of your families.
It is my hope that you will briefly overlook the ensuing college costs and seriously consider a generous thank you to the school that got your kids ready for that next step onto their own individual launch pads. Prior Twelfth Grade parents have done the same.
Please pay it forward joyously to the next generation of incredible learners who need what Mark, the administrative team, and most of all, your kids' teachers can give with your gifts to the school. Thank you for your generosity."
David Zebrack, chair, board of trustees


ZeBrack Family P’19,’21
Conlin Family P’21,’22
Tenenbaum Family P'21, '25
Murphy Family P'21, '25
Keyes Family P'21

Maureen Nash

Assistant Head of School for External Affairs
Class of 2021 Fund
Class of 2021