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Viewpoint School is dedicating its Annual Benefit to endowed financial aid for the second year in a row. Last year, 289 donors contributed a record-breaking $1.2 million for endowed financial aid in our Primary and Lower Schools, providing access to a life changing education for the youngest students in our community and growing our School’s total endowment by an incredible 5%. This year, in honor of  the Carlson family—heroes in our School’s history—we are focusing support at the other end of our campus in the canyon. We will raise funds for endowed financial aid for Upper School students, so we can remove barriers to success and launch the best and brightest students into college as world-ready citizens grounded by our core values of love, honor, excellence, imagination, and optimism.

We draw inspiration from Viewpoint’s mission, vision, and values as well as from this year’s distinguished honorees, Steve, Leslie, and Kristen Carlson, who have touched nearly every corner of our  campus through the broad reach of their philanthropy and the catalytic effect of their bold trusteeship. Steve served as Board Chair and Vice Chair for more than a decade, providing Viewpoint with the kind of focused trustee leadership needed to achieve transformational goals, and the length of his service to our School will stand out for generations to come. Most notably, he led Viewpoint through the final phases of a monumental campus expansion that drew upon his sharp business acumen and construction knowledge, resulting in world-class facilities like the iconic Carlson Family Theater. Of equal importance, although perhaps lesser known to our community, is that Steve and Leslie also prioritized financial aid in their philanthropy, creating in 2012 the Carlson Family Financial Aid Endowment Fund in our Upper School—a significant fund they continue supporting to this very day.

Kristen Carlson ’01 followed in her parents footsteps, serving as a trustee and helping grow her family’s endowment in addition to making gifts to other financial aid initiatives, such as the Cathy Adelman Endowment Fund for Financial Aid in our Primary and Lower Schools, the focus of last year’s Benefit. In Kristen’s own words, “We are a family of builders but we don’t just build buildings; we are also passionate about building people up for the future, about investing in the next generation of builders and leaders.” Over the many years since Steve and Leslie first enrolled Kristen in our School, the Carlson Family’s love of Viewpoint has been unwavering. Their passion and commitment is demonstrated by their ongoing generosity to ensure the School’s excellence in perpetuity. They are builders in every sense of the word.

On April 21, Steve passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by family. Honoring his memory gives special meaning to our support this year for financial aid through our 41st Annual Benefit, a collective effort to augment Viewpoint’s ability to open its doors to the best and brightest high school students—doubling down once again on our dedication to a world where education changes lives. To honor the Carlsons, net proceeds from the 41st Annual Benefit will support an endowment fund for Financial Aid in the Upper School, mirroring the family’s philanthropy and passion for education.

Founding Co-Chairs
Michelle and Robert Bradway
Kristen Carlson ’01
The McGee Foundation
Benefactor Co-Chairs
Dr. Niniek Purnomo and Klaus Woizik
Kristin Hodge and Jon Chu
Mary and John Conlin
Sophiah and Michael Hakim
Dr. Tran Ho and Ken Jeong
Karno Glaser Family
Peggy Jones and Parise Livanos
Erica and Jay McGraw
Jody and Brent Polacheck
Rasmussen Foundation
Schuman Family Foundation
Vice Chairs
Judy Gawlik-Brown and Steve Brown
Amy Sommer Childress and James Childress
Maria and Jay DiMaggio
Laura and Nick Fries ’01
Shelly Sumpter Gillyard* and Ron Gillyard*
Deena and David Gussman
Lyn and Alan Kabakoff
Valerie and Andy Kieffer
Christina and Tim Noonan
Jill and Dan Schecter
Marisa and Chaney Sheffield ’98
Pam Shriver
Patty Zeng
Auction Co-Chairs
Josephine Atluri
Krystal Dry-Murphy ’03
Allison Fields
Jerriann Fleming
Jennifer Halpern
Lyn Kabakoff
Lindsey Lucibella
Shaneka McDonald
Mark Measures
Diana Putzer
Rhonda Richards-Smith
Michal Rouse
Kari Watson Garman
Steve Wiseman

*Trustees and Trustee Emeriti

List as of April 15, 2024



“I had access to a life-changing education because of generous philanthropists who put financial aid dollars in place for students like me. I’m deeply committed to our financial program for making it possible for talented, motivated students whose families envision a place like Viewpoint to join us.”

– Mark McKee
   Head of School

“Viewpoint’s endowment will play an increasingly important role in our School’s financial security, continued excellence, and future. To ensure its growth and sensible compounding, the board has established a financially experienced investment task force to be conscientious and active stewards of our growing endowment.”

– Jill Schecter
   Board Chair