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Parent Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion (PPDI) 
The School and its students benefit tremendously from the dynamic parent leadership of Parent Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion (PPDI) of the VSSA (Viewpoint’s parent association). This organization recognizes, celebrates, and supports the cultural diversity of Viewpoint School, and strives to develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. The Committee sponsors activities designed to enrich our educational programs, enhance cultural awareness, foster ethnic diversity, and advocate for the successful recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented students.
Viewpoint is committed to enrolling an inclusive and diverse student body, and the Admission Office actively seeks students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a range of talents and interests and who possess an intellectual curiosity, a high level of motivation, and an eagerness to become involved in our community.

Our 1,200 students represent a rich variety of racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds from around the world.  Students of color represent one-third of the overall student body. Additionally, over 70 countries of the world are represented in Viewpoint’s parent body.
It is our belief that a diverse community is grown through authentic dialogue that builds relationships while developing strong personal identity. We strive to understand and engage issues of difference, privilege, and oppression so that all voices in our community are aware and empowered. Viewpoint is dedicated to reflecting the diversity of our world, both visible and invisible, to ensure a safe environment. We do this, not just for ethical reasons, but because a diverse classroom creates the most powerful and effective learning environment.
Viewpoint fosters the belief that through exploration and greater understanding of experiences and perspectives outside of our own, we come to a greater understanding of ourselves. Identity investigation and achievement are associated with higher self-esteem, increased critical thinking, and advanced moral reasoning. Viewpoint is committed to reflecting all diversity, both visible and invisible, within our curriculum to ensure every voice is heard and to foster a welcoming and safe environment. We do this with the understanding that a diverse classroom and curriculum create the most effective, authentic, and powerful learning environment and best prepare our students for the global world.

Diversity Statement 
Viewpoint School is committed to building an inclusive community of teachers and learners who reflect and welcome the diversity of Southern California. The School teaches with respect the wisdom and traditions of the world’s cultures and faiths.
Viewpoint defines a diverse community as one which embraces students from a wide range of family, socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, and religious backgrounds. The School affirms that students should learn in an environment that reflects the world in which they live and will pursue their professional careers.
The Board of Trustees, Head of School, and faculty actively promote strategies and policies that support diversity among all of the School’s constituencies. 

Community Scholars Program
The purpose of the Community Scholars Program is to increase socioeconomic diversity among the student body by enrolling highly qualified, talented, and deserving students who would otherwise be unable to attend Viewpoint without financial assistance.

The Southern California region is one of vast diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Viewpoint believes that multiple perspectives and experiences strengthen our student community, help foster educational excellence, and prepare our students for success in the 21st century.

Viewpoint’s Community Scholars Program, first established in 1993, seeks to enroll in Viewpoint’s Middle and Upper Schools academically talented students of African American or Hispanic/Latino backgrounds. Over the years, this program has served a talented group of students who have enhanced and enriched Viewpoint's community both in and out of the classroom.
Funding for Community Scholars had always been provided by a combination of foundation grants and portions of the School’s annual financial aid budget. However, in 2012, Viewpoint’s Board of Trustees, underscoring the School’s commitment to diversity, established an endowment to support this important endeavor, and to tie it in perpetuity to the School’s mission.

For more information on the Community Scholars Program, click on the "Admission" tab, and then click on "Tuition and Financial Assistance."

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