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Rhody Davis

Director of College Counseling

Eric Steiger

Dean of the US

Welcome to Viewpoint Votes!

Viewpoint Votes! is a nonpartisan initiative that educates the community on voting history, electoral process, candidate platforms, voter access, registration, and voting. By enabling courageous conversations, Viewpoint Votes! provides a context for voting and promotes its importance as a civic duty. Curriculum, webinars, school day events, debates, voter registration, and a mock election will inform voter awareness, what is at stake in this election, and how to vote. The goal is for all eligible voters in Viewpoint’s community to vote in the general election on November 3, 2020.

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Webinar archive

Week One: Viewpoint Votes! Introduction to our Non-Partisan Initiative.

Password: VV!090920

Week Two: Join us for a deep look at the history of voting in the United States of America. 

Password: VV!091620

Week Three: Listen to an in depth look and break down of the importance of political engagement and how local elections work.

Password: VV!092420

Week Four: This week we have special guest Spencer Perry to talk to us about the in's and out's of California and the countries voter turn out. How it progressed through the years and how it is changing.

Password: VV!100120

Week Five: Join us where we talk to Dr. Chris Soper, and our head of Middle School, Stephen Chan to discuss the electoral process.

Password:  VV!100820

Week Six:  Join us listen to panelist, Cisco Dilg–Teacher of History and Mock Trial, Lindsey Spindle–Viewpoint Trustee and president of The Jeff Skoll Group, and Sonali Anand–Alum from the Class of 2018 and Political Communication major at Emerson College. We will be discussing these three very informative pieces to the election process. 

Password:  VV!101320

Week Seven:  Join us with special guest and Viewpoint Board member, John Heubusch to discuss voting ideology and polarization. An important discussion on the lead up to the election.

Password:  VV!102720