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The VSSA is Viewpoint's parent volunteer service organization that recognizes the importance of maintaining and nurturing the unique traditions of our community and our School. In keeping with the School’s motto, "Fide et Amore,” (with Faithfulness and Love), our parent volunteers at Viewpoint truly enrich the lives of our children each day.

The VSSA parent volunteers work closely with administrators, faculty, and staff to benefit all students and to build a sense of community among our families. As a service organization, we support the non-academic activities of the School with a myriad of committees. There are many ways you can volunteer. Although some of the VSSA-sponsored events and services produce revenue, the VSSA’s primary purpose is “friend raising” and “fun raising.” We direct any monies raised back to VSSA-sponsored events and activities to support our students, faculty, and parents.

Your VSSA dues fund three primary activities, with an emphasis on providing value-added services to:

  1. Create the best experience possible for our students on a daily basis.
  2. Appreciate our faculty and staff and provide support services throughout the year for various activities and events, which include a monthly brunch and year-end luncheons for all faculty and staff.
  3. Support activities that build a strong sense of community among our parent body.

Being active in the VSSA is a wonderful way to meet new parents and make wonderful memories. Our success depends on parents, and we all benefit from the dedication of our volunteers!

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Parent Speaker Series

Viewpoint School’s Parent Education Speaker Series program brings together parents and members of our school community with experts in a variety of fields to engage in timely, thought-provoking discussions that inform and enrich our relationships with the children under our care and ourselves. Participants should expect to take away with them important information, a stronger sense of community and, at times, a completely new perspective. Please join us and bring your friends from Viewpoint, as well as other schools!

Parent Partnerships
Parent Partnerships
Parent Partnerships
Parent Partnerships
Parent Partnerships

Parent Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion (PPDI) celebrates and recognizes the cultural diversity of Viewpoint School.

Sponsored by the Viewpoint School Service Association (VSSA), our committee hosts activities designed to enhance cultural awareness, to foster diversity, and to promote compassion throughout our community.

PPDI connects and supports people from all affinity groups to strengthen our shared experiences so we can deepen our understanding of one another.

We believe that this process helps weave together the fabrics of diverse communities into a stronger whole.