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Global Citizenship

Making Global Connections

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary educational program woven from Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. It is designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential to thrive in the interconnected world which is their future. The mission of Global Studies is to:

  • Create awareness of students’ places in the wider, diverse world.
  • Cultivate students’ curiosities about the world and other cultures.
  • Develop an age-appropriate understanding of world geography.
  • Promote a sense of students’ worth and the worth of others.
  • Introduce an understanding of social justice and moral responsibility.
  • Lead to an appreciation of cultural similarities and differences.


At the heart of our campus is an outdoor classroom called the ECOLET. Here, students can learn about native plants, view local birds, observe migrating monarch butterflies, test the health of the creek running through  our campus, or grow organic fruits and vegetables for our kitchen.  This outdoor classroom reminds our student body of the beautiful canyon we learn in and greater world we are a part of.  Viewpoint School continually strives to reduce our environmental footprint and cultivate a sense of stewardship in our students.  Our Environmental Sustainability Council, which consists of students, faculty, staff and parents, works to make our campus a greener place.  Most importantly, it gives our students a chance to lead and find their voice. 

Sustainability Programs at Viewpoint:

  • ECOLET Outdoor Classroom
  • Organic School Garden
  • Lower and Primary School Composting
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Student Run Earth Week Celebration
  • Native Plant Landscaping
  • Environmental Sustainability Council
  • Middle School Earth Club
  • Environmental themes embedded in the our curriculum for students K-12
  • Seventh Grade Catalina Environmental Leadership Program
  • Environmental Service Learning Opportunities