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Athletics Success

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Here are just some of the amazing colleges our student-athletes go onto play at

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Athletics Success

Where are they now? See below for some of our most recent graduates and their athletic achievements!

Sekander Ali '21 is at Wesleyan
Ethan Schreier '21 is swimming at Tufts
Julianna Penner '21 is swimming at the University of Hawaii
Nathan Alexander '18 is playing football at University of Chicago
Lily Andersson '19 is playing polo at Cornell University
Darynne Bickers '19 is playing volleyball at University of Arkansas, Pine Bluffs
Sky Bitschnau-Moraino '19 is playing tennis at Chapman University
Noah Cohen '17 is playing football at University of Pudget Sound
Madeline Cookson '18 is rowing at Boston University
Thomas Finello '18 is swimming at University of Southern California
Kimberly Friedman '18 is playing basketball at University of Redlands
Spencer Hylen '17 is playing football at MIT
Khair Jackson '19 is playing basketball at Whitman College
Lindsay Lipman '19 is playing soccer at Washington University in St. Louis 
Cary Lucas '19 is playing baseball at Occidental College
DJ Martin '17 is playing football at Union College
Hannah Martin '17 is playing basketball at Franklin Pierce University
Kian Nader '19 is playing basketball at Chapman University
Aaron Pessin '19 is playing golf at Bentley University
Sam Schur '18 is playing baseball at Carleton College
Darren Solursh '18 is playing lacrosse at University of Colorado
Sophia Stills '17 is playing soccer at Swarthmore College
Teani White '17 is playing basketball at Whittier College