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All participants should arrive in a mask when they are dropped-off. Everyone in the car must be masked upon arrival. Safety precautions (masks, distancing, and frequent hand washing) will be in place and strictly followed. Temperature checks and symptom screening questions will be required each day for arrival. Furthermore, we will be following specific guidelines and protocols for youth sports: 

  • All players and coaches will wear masks when arriving, departing, and during drills, except conditioning. Players doing conditioning drills will remain 10 feet apart.
  • Other than conditioning drills, all players and coaches will remain a minimum of six feet apart.
  • All players will be dropped off, no carpooling.
  • Players may share equipment in designated pairs. Those pairs will remain consistent throughout all practices.
  • All players will bring their own water bottles. No sharing.
  • All shared equipment will be sprayed and sanitized after each practice.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and used frequently.
  • All players will leave promptly after practice.

The children will need:

  • Labeled water bottles (not to be shared)
  • Masks (2 minimum)
  • Athletic shoes
  • Labeled sports bag (for belongings)
  • Soccer - please remember to bring soccer cleats and shin guards

All children should wear Viewpoint sports clothes or comfortable athletic clothing. 


  • We will divide the players into cohorts of 12 players maximum.
  • All drills will work on individual skills and conditioning. No team situations.

We have been working hard to create a safe situation for in-person sports. Part of that process includes the creation of pods. If you did not register for sports on our survey last week, please do not plan on coming to campus before speaking with our Athletic Director, Patrick Moyal (818-591-6447).

All athletes are now required to test weekly. The tests must be PCR (Molecular) tests, not antigen tests. Viewpoint will continue to offer testing according to the following schedule:
January 25 test (nasal swab): For all athletes practicing in-person practices on February 1st  only. Registration past due.
February 1 test (nasal swab): For all athletes practicing in-person on February 2nd or later. Registration link will be sent as soon as it is available. Also, check Viewpoint website (Athletics section).
Starting the week of February 8: Testing of athletes will be done twice weekly on campus through Brio Labs. These tests will be PCR saliva tests that will be conducted prior or during practices. No need to make a special trip. Our trainers will help administer these steps.
It is very important to remember that there is to be no eating, brushing teeth, or drinking 30 minutes prior to the test. Failure to comply will void the test and jeopardize your child ‘s ability to participate.
Also, tests cannot be administered if the student is not registered with Brio.