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Our Viewpoint: Teamwork produces peak performance - and exceptional results.

Viewpoint Athletics is a tightknit family. The coaches are dedicated to nurturing our student-athletes. Our emphasis is on building good character. We want to develop our students for the real world and sports is ideal for that.

 Francisco Espinoza, Athletic Information Director, P '30

The mission of Viewpoint School's Athletic Program is to prepare student-athletes to practice ethical behavior, including sportsmanship, integrity, and obedience to rules. All athletic contests will represent in perception and in practice the appreciation for athletic excellence and the shared educational experience of competition. All individuals associated with athletic activities will be aware of and responsible for their influence on the behavior of others and be models of good sportsmanship.

Viewpoint students (and families!) have many reasons to wear our school colors with pride. From Lower School to Upper School, our solid athletic program complements our strong academic curriculum, playing a meaningful and necessary role in a Viewpoint student’s education. 

Here, our student-athletes develop important character traits - commitment, loyalty, integrity, respect for others and themselves, and an appreciation for hard work, as they experience victory and defeat, team camaraderie, and the passion and joy of competition.

Pictured: Viewpoint Boy's Cross Country Team winning the Divison 5 State Championship in 2019.

TK-12 Athletic Philosophy