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Viewpoint School’s award-winning music program begins in Kindergarten and continues through the twelfth grade. Students experience diverse musical styles, genres, and cultures by listening, studying, creating, and performing music. Our youngest students begin their musical journey by vocalizing and playing Orff and rhythm instruments. Throughout Primary and Lower School, all students participate in class and grade level assemblies and performances. 

As students enter Middle and Upper School their musical opportunities grow. In addition to participating in a vast array of performing groups, students can also study music theory, composition, and digital music production. Our Upper School students have performed at Carnegie Hall and have earned Gold at music festivals throughout the country.

Click here to play the sounds of Vocal Ensembles

Here is a compilation of some of the work our students created during the Remote Learning stage at Viewpoint. We are so proud of their dedication to their music and the growth they showed, despite no in-person teaching.