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The Film Program at Viewpoint recognizes that there are storytellers in all of us. Our differentiated instruction and pathways allow students to develop the creativity, the technical skills and the artistic voice to inspire the Viewpoint community and the broader world. All productions are student-generated where process and reflection are valued as much as the end product.

Film starts in Middle School with hands-on, project-based electives ranging from stop motion animation to music video production, exploration of new media and screenwriting. In the Upper School, students can personalize their artistic journeys by choosing from different tracks: the narrative and experimental track of Film I – IV, the Documentary concentration, the Acting and Directing for Film class and the Sports Media experience. Or they can mix and match, and even design their own Independent Senior Projects, depending on where their interests take them. All pathways, however, explore the aesthetic, technical and ideological choices that filmmakers make to convey their story.