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Our Viewpoint: Arts is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

The great writer of children’s stories, J.M. Barrie, believed that a child essentially remains the same person throughout his or her life, passing from one room to another, so to speak, but all in the same house. “If we unlock the rooms of the far past,” he said, “we can see ourselves, busily occupied in beginning to become you and me.” At Viewpoint School this notion of a student being actively engaged in the creative process of becoming his or her own person is both encouraged and nurtured, and, we know that such engagement must be accompanied by a vital and well established program in the Arts. From Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 12 we believe that a strong artistic foundation is an essential part of a liberal arts education and that it must be pursued with a commitment to excellence. The study of the Arts at Viewpoint is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

In all four of our school divisions, we offer diverse opportunities for artistic engagement because we believe that the Arts belong to everybody at all levels of expertise. Many of our students are here because they desire a strong academic program while pursuing an Arts oriented career, and for them we are committed to providing the education and experience necessary to progress both to university and professional study.

We guide our students to grow as young artists and fine human beings and it is our hope that they will become better-cultured adults for having crossed our paths.


Music is a large part of the Viewpoint curriculum. Students in the Primary and Lower Schools attend music classes each week, Fifth Grade students are able to begin playing an instrument of choice. Most students end up taking this instrument through the Twelfth Grade. Middle and Upper School provide award-winning orchestra and wind ensemble programs.

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Theater and Dance

Theater and Dance begin in Kindergarten with a traditional play "The Little Engine." As it continues through Primary and Lower School, the Middle School offers an all-inclusive fall musical and a spring Seventh and Eighth Grade play. Dance is also offered Grades First through Twelfth. Upper School provides an extensive list of subjects in theater and dance performance, and behind the scenes work. They too put on a fall play, spring musical, and other smaller productions throughout the year.

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Visual Arts

The visual arts at Viewpoint is a discipline that provides our students to explore creativity, challenge their artistic skillset, and promotes an immense amount of collaboration between our students. Through Primary and Lower School visual arts provides a grounding for a successful art career for the rest of their time at Viewpoint. Drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and photography play a large part in the student's curriculum here at Viewpoint.

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Film at Viewpoint is one of our signature programs. In both the Middle and Upper Schools, students are encouraged to analyze the world around them and translate these new understandings into cinematic content including narrative shorts, documentaries, and experimental films. The six-year scope and sequence has multiple entry points and focuses on collaborative, student-generated productions with highly rated equipment. Students, at all levels, are mentored toward international and national festivals, artistic competitions and the premiere Film colleges and universities. The program, however, caters not only to students who hope to make a career in film and video, but also to those who just want to try something new. 

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My favorite thing is the music program, playing my violin with all the other people in the orchestra.

Usha s. '30