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Tuition Information

2024-25 Tuition

Primary and Lower Schools (TK-5) $43,410
Middle School (6-8) $49,885
Upper School (9-12) $51,925

Tuition Payment Options
Tuition for the year is due in advance, on June 1, but two deferred payment options are available for an additional fee. For the 2-payment plan, 60% of tuition is due June 1 and 40% is due on December 1. For the 10-payment plan, 10% is due on the first of the month starting June 1 and ending on March 1. For all options, the non-refundable reservation fee paid at the time of enrollment is applied to the balance of tuition that is due.

Other Fees and Expenses

  • A $2000 new student fee is added in a student’s 1st year of enrollment at the school.
  • Participation in the school’s tuition refund program is required when a deferred payment plan is selected and optional when tuition is fully paid in advance. Details are included with enrollment agreements.
  • Viewpoint is a Bring Your Own Laptop school, and a student-provided MacBook laptop is required for students in Grades 6-12.
  • Middle and Upper School coursework may require the purchase of textbooks.
  • School uniforms & PE clothes are required in Grades K-8. Upper School students do not wear uniforms but are asked to wear dress clothes on certain occasions.
  • (Optional) Supervised before and after-school childcare, homework club, and enrichment programs are available for Primary and Lower School students for a supplemental fee.
  • (Optional) Sage Dining, Viewpoint’s food service provider, has a variety of healthy & nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack items available for purchase every school day. 
  • (Optional) We encourage everyone to use Viewpoint’s extensive bus route network to get to and from school. Information about pick up and drop off stops, annual passes, semester passes, and individual ride ticket purchases are distributed ahead of the start of school each year.
  • (Optional) Participation in athletics programming may require the purchase of special clothing, footwear, and gear, depending on the sport and level of competition. Overnight travel costs, if any, are typically paid by the family.
  • (Optional) There may be extra costs associated with participation in extracurricular programs, clubs, and activities, going on grade-level retreats, attending dances, buying class pictures, etc. 

Financial Assistance
Information about Viewpoint’s financial assistance programs can be found here, describing the process for applying for tuition financial aid and noting which of these other fees & expenses are reduced for eligible families.