Upper School

Graduation Requirements

graduation requirements

Students must complete the following course work and additional requirements in order to receive a diploma. Each term,
freshmen and sophomores must enroll in a minimum of five academic classes while juniors and seniors may take a minimum of four academic classes and one elective class.



English 4 years
Mathematics 3 years taken in the Upper School
Social Studies 3 1/2 years, including one semester designated Global Core
World Languages 3 years of the same language with at least 2 years in the Upper School, or 2 years of each of 2 languages
Science 3 years, including 2 years of laboratory science
The Arts 2 sequential semesters in the same discipline, chosen from Visual Arts, Film, Music, Theater Arts, and Dance.
Physical Education 8 trimesters (two seasons per year)
Computer Science Ninth Grade Technology or Computer Science 9
Human Development  Ninth Grade Human Development
Community Service         45 hours (minimum) of volunteer work prior to graduation
Residency 4 of the last 5 units must be completed on the Viewpoint Campus with the exception of any senior participating in the School Year Abroad.

Center for Global Studies

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary educational program woven from Kindergarten through Grade Twelve that prepares
students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential to thrive in the interconnected world which is their future.

The mission of the Center for Global Studies is:
  • to provide students with a foundational knowledge of world history, geography, ecology, religions, cultures, and language.
  • to teach students how to understand political, ecological, technological, and economic systems from multiple perspectives.
  • to equip students with analytical thinking and creative problem-solving skills so that they can research, discuss, and begin to understand the world’s pressing problems in order to collaborate with others toward solutions to those problems.
Viewpoint requires all graduates to select at least one semester of Social Studies from the Global Core list. The School also
encourages students to participate in Model United Nations, to take part in student travel and international hosting
opportunities, and to exceed the graduation requirement in world language study.
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