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At Viewpoint School, technology supports and enhances an inspired and engaging learning environment. Our technology-rich classrooms are designed to deepen understanding of curriculum content and skills, provide opportunities to invent and design, promote ethical digital citizenship, and support organizational systems that enhance learning.
Viewpoint maintains specialty computer labs in order to run sophisticated programs in computer science, film, photography and digital design, but the education technology program is based largely on mobile access. Skills such as source and media literacy, word processing, data analysis, and media creation are embedded in language, math, science, and history classes across the School. Faculty design innovative lessons that individualize the learning experience and empower students to be savvy communicators, creative content creators, and global collaborators.
Faculty leverage School-owned iPad tablets in Kindergarten through Third Grade, and Macbooks in Grades Four and Five. In Sixth though Twelveth Grades, all students are required to bring a Macbook to School.
The International Society for Technology Educators (ISTE) Standards for Educators and the California Computer Science Content Standards guide content and curriculum development across Viewpoint School. Faculty carefully consider teaching and learning objectives before choosing a technology tool and are conscious about screen time. Digital citizenship and information literacy skills are taught in homeroom and specialized technology classes in Kindergarten through grade Six, and in advisory and human development classes in grades Seven through Twleve.

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Anneke Emerson
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IT Manager

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Alison Steelberg Corneau
Technology Integration Specialist, Primary and Lower School

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Middle School Design and Technology

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Viewpoint collects a variety of contact information to communicate with our families, demographic information in order to best serve our community, academic information which is central to our work, health information to comply with state law and to serve our students, and financial information in order to fulfill our business obligations.
Families have a right to review nearly all the information described above, and to obtain much of it. Those rights are defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), State of California Privacy Laws and in some cases, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). If you wish to review or remove information that Viewpoint collects, please email Heather Blair, Director of Institutional Research and Academic Operations who serves as our data officer.
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