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Primary and Lower School

Viewpoint’s Primary and Lower Schools provide a nurturing environment to promote the positive social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of young children.

Our whole-child approach creates a secure foundation that encourages children to develop important 21st Century skills:
Critical thinking ~ Communication ~ Collaboration ~ Creativity ~ Innovation

The overall goal of the program for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade is to provide each child with a variety of learning experiences guided by enthusiastic teachers who recognize that children grow in unique and varying ways.

The School’s culture encourages each student to strive for a high level of academic achievement while gaining self-confidence. Our experience has shown that initial appropriate placement is the key to educational success; therefore, great care is taken to ascertain the developmental readiness of each child.

Meet the Primary and Lower School Team

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Cathy Adelman

Head of Primary School

Claudia Antoine

Head of the Lower School

Vanessa Harrington

Assistant Head of Primary School

Tracy Wymer

Assistant Head of Lower School