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Viewpoint provides an enriched and varied academic program that covers core skills and disciplines as well as specialty subjects such as art, innovation, science, technology, world language, and music. Teachers focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and love of learning. Viewpoint faculty recognize and embrace the uniqueness of each child while challenging students appropriately and encouraging them to strive toward academic goals and character development. The Learning Specialist on staff collaborates with teachers and supports students as needed within the context of Viewpoint’s academic and social-emotional expectations.
 Social-Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning principles are integrated into the curriculum at Viewpoint School. Primary and Lower School faculty are trained in a specific approach to teaching called Responsive Classroom. The Responsive Classroom approach consists of a set of practices that build academic and social-emotional competencies.
The guiding principles of the program are closely aligned with Viewpoint’s Mission. Responsive Classroom believes that:
  1. The social and emotional curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.
  2. How children learn is as important as what they learn.
  3. Great cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.
  4. Knowing the children we teach – individually, culturally, and developmentally – is as important as knowing the content we teach.
  5. How the faculty works together is as important as how they teach.
Viewpoint teachers utilize these principles to promote in their students improved social and academic skills, character development, and a love of learning.


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