Sixth through Eighth Grade

Viewpoint School eagerly celebrates the energy, idealism, and openness of students in Grades Six through Eight while encouraging their increasing maturity, academic progress, and responsibility. We appreciate our Middle Schoolers' diverse natures: the joys, challenges, developmental changes, and vulnerability experienced in this transitional period. Students' years in Middle School are among the most exciting and dynamic times in their lives. This Division addresses the distinctive needs of early adolescence by offering small classes, a nurturing community for learning, an advisory system that provides each student with individual attention, and rich elective and community service opportunities.

Acting as a bridge between Lower and Upper School, the Middle School offers an academic program at whose core lies the development of critical thinking and study skills. Teachers and administrators are specialists in the academic subjects they teach and are especially attuned to the developmental changes of young adolescents. They offer the support and guidance that help each student to reinforce and apply skills previously learned, but also to stimulate their emerging ability in independent thinking, abstract reasoning, intellectual integrity, and social maturity.

The program emphasizes the development of work and study habits to ensure success, given the ever-increasing demands of academic studies. These newfound abilities make the Middle School an exciting place for both students and teachers. The Middle School program offers traditionally-paced, college preparatory courses, as well as accelerated math and science courses. The Academic Assistance period each day and study halls provide opportunities for individual help and guidance.

The Middle School's interscholastic athletic program offers students ten different sports over three seasons. The Middle School also offers students the first opportunity to make choices in the selection of elective classes.


Ninth through Twelfth Grade

Viewpoint's students thrive in the Upper School's comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum, completing course work of significant depth and breadth. The academic program teaches students a fundamental body of knowledge, refines their aptitude for critical thinking, and fosters their capacity to exercise clear, moral judgment. With classes of 10-22 students, teachers are able to create a stimulating learning environment that helps students reach their fullest potential.

The core curriculum consists of courses in English, mathematics, social studies, science, and world languages. Fourteen honors and 28 Advanced Placement courses challenge students who can work at an accelerated pace. The scores of Viewpoint's students are typically amongst the highest in the nation on these highly competitive national exams, a major asset to students applying to the most competitive colleges.