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The Advisory program is an essential element of the Middle and Upper School experience. Advisory curriculum supports students’ social emotional skills development and wellbeing and fosters a positive, inclusive, and caring school climate.  

Goals of the Middle and Upper School Advisory Programs include:

  • Meaningful relationships between students and adults, peers, and the community

  • Teaching awareness of selves and others

  • Fostering courageous, empathetic decision-making

  • Social-emotional learning and wellness

  • Inclusion, community building and school spirit

Middle School Advisory groups meet each morning in Homeroom and are composed of approximately 15 students with a faculty advisor. Weekly Advisory lessons encourage self-reflection among individual advisees and engage students in community-wide activities that promote school spirit.  The Advisory program ensures that every student has the time and opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with an adult in the community as well as with a small group of peers. In addition, Advisors support students in developing their organizational and study skills and in becoming self-directed learners. Advisory supports the mission of the school by cultivating core values of respect, integrity, responsibility, and optimism, as well as by recognizing the uniqueness of each child.

In the Upper School, the Advisory program teaches students awareness of themselves and others as they safely navigate uncomfortable challenges and make courageous, empathetic decisions. The program ‚Äčis designed to connect students with at least one adult and student group and to produce active decision makers who feel they have agency in the world. Students also use a Wellness toolkit to manage their physical and mental well-being. Upper School Advisory meets once each week, on Mondays during I block, and continues the connections of students who are first together in 9th grade Human Development classes. Advisory groups stay together through the whole of their Upper School experience, serving as caring spaces where students are known by one another. 

Other features of the Middle and Upper School programs that support Advisory goals are assemblies, grade level meetings, and divisional community service projects.

Advisory Program