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Academic Support

At Viewpoint School, we strive to foster overall student development of capable students through our academically rigorous college preparatory program. We have learning specialists positioned in each division to work with students and teachers so that we may do everything we can to help our students reach their potential.


Viewpoint School is committed to providing a supportive academic environment that enables all students to achieve maximum scholastic potential. The Learning Specialists at Viewpoint offer a wide range of services that support students in maximizing their educational experiences, depending on their particular needs. Our overarching purpose is to empower students for a lifetime by helping them truly understand how they learn. For students with diagnosed learning differences, the additional goal is to teach them how to play to their strengths, shore up, work around their weaknesses, and effectively advocate for themselves in different learning settings.

Meet the Team!

Danielle Burness

Learning Specialist in MS, US and Counselor

Kelly Ghaffary

Learning Specialist in the Middle School

Gemma Green

Learning Specialist, PS/LS