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Class of 2024 College Report
Our goal is to create exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures.

The Class of 2024 is prepared to face the challenges and opportunities ahead of them—they are courageous and resilient. "World ready" means something different for every student, yet each is ready to make their mark.

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The 2024 Commencement Program

Saturday, June 8, 2024
9:30 a.m. PDT

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College Bound

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for outstanding college results

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The Class of 2024 is comprised of amazing individuals who speak their truth. They are driven and excel in every arena--as scholars, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and social commentariats. Perhaps most impressive is their compassion. Our seniors have heart, and we will miss them more than they know!

Rhody Davis, Director of College Counseling

Our college counselor was incredible. Constant communication and support, they worked well with my child. They kept checking in with us and my child, even when not asked. They were positive throughout the process and alleviated much of the stress associated with applying.

Parent, Class of 2024

Through the college process, I learned who I really am and what I want, not just in college but also kind of what I want in life. I also learned about myself in terms of work ethic, like what I need to do to accomplish things on time and to my best abilities.

Student, Class of 2024

  • 97
    97% of seniors completed 1 or more Early Applications

Fast Facts on College Apps

Students in the class: 110

Total applications: 1,670
Average number of applications per student: 15

  • 58
    61 Colleges/Universities for the Class of 2024

Fast Facts on Matriculation

Number of Colleges/Universities: 61

Number of Colleges Students Applied to: 237
Counselor Recommendation Letters: 110
Teacher Recommendation Letters
: 253

Class of '24 College Spotlight
Class of 2024 Commencement: Celebrating Our World-Ready Graduates

On Saturday, June 8, Viewpoint’s 110 seniors were joined by their proud families, friends, and faculty members on Ring Family Field, where cheers, tears, and applause filled the air as they moved their tassels from right to left, symbolizing the end of their Upper School experience and the beginning of their extraordinary futures.

Head of School Mark McKee welcomed attendees with inspiring remarks, setting the tone for a memorable celebration. 

“We are filled with pride, delight, happiness, and joy as we celebrate these fine young people. We are honored to celebrate them this day, the highest holiday of our academic year,” shared McKee. “The mission of our school is to create exceptional readiness for extraordinary futures. Graduates, you’ve not only fulfilled, you’ve exceeded that mission. You are exceptional, and your careers here have been extraordinary.”

Honoring a cherished tradition of inviting distinguished alumni to deliver a keynote address to its Upper School graduates, Viewpoint School announced Dr. Anjali Tripathi, Class of 2005’s Valedictorian and NASA’s Exoplanet Ambassador, as its commencement speaker for the Class of 2024. Dr. Tripathi's speech recounted the challenges she faced as a young professional, emphasizing the transformative power of resilience amidst uncertainty.

"I was younger than others in my cohort by more than a decade," she recounted, "but just getting the job didn't magically make everything fall into place. It was a life-changing process."

Recalling a pivotal moment in her career, Dr. Tripathi shared, "Sitting in the White House, I was given a blank piece of paper and asked what we should do with $150 billion. There's no manual for working in the White House, or for being an adult. You have to make things happen.” With determination and collaboration, she transformed the blank canvas into bipartisan support for critical issues like climate change.

"Your calendars and everything before you may seem empty, but that's where the freedom lies," Tripathi encouraged the graduating class. "Embrace the unknown, adapt, and prepare yourselves for what comes next."

The ceremony also featured several performances, including a rendition of "September" by the Upper School Wind Ensemble, a heartfelt performance of "Seasons of Love" by the talented Upper School Concert Choir, and "I Dreamed a Dream" by the Twelfth Grade Strings.

During the commencement, Head of Upper School Alan Howie presented Jessica Cao ’24 with the Arthur B. O’Leary Award. Established in 1986 by Viewpoint’s Board of Trustees, this award honors the school's most outstanding senior. The faculty selected recipient exemplifies the qualities that Viewpoint strives to develop in its students service to others, academic accomplishment, positive spirit, and good character.

Following the award presentation, Valedictorian Julianna Hughes ’24 stepped onto the stage, urging her fellow graduates to harness their talents in service of a brighter future.

“Viewpoint places a strong emphasis on making its students world-ready, and the education we’ve received is one of the strongest I can imagine. For that, I am grateful,” shared Hughes. “We’ve finished high school, and now we’ll take 110 different paths to 110 different places. With all that we’ve learned and all that we’ve gained, we’re all in a position to achieve greatness.”

Congratulations to our 2024 graduates! May you continue to embark on your unique journeys with courage and determination, making a positive impact wherever you go. The recording of the ceremony is now available for viewing here.

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Viewpoint’s Student Filmmakers Take Their Creativity 'To the Max' at Annual Film IV Symposium

Applause and a standing ovation filled the Carlson Family Theater on Friday, May 31, for the premiere of To the Max, at this year's Film IV Symposium. 

To the Max, directed and written by Sundiata Enuke '24, follows Zen, a young black woman, on a quest to obtain the last tub of her mother's favorite hair product, Doo Grease. In a world where hair care is becoming increasingly commercialized, Zen views Doo Grease as the last bastion of true black liberation. She embarks on a journey to Gloamingdale, discovering a beauty supply store seemingly frozen in time.

"Sundiata's creativity and storytelling are unparalleled. Her visual choices evoke elements of science fiction and horror, creating a truly immersive experience,” said Monica Hoenig, Upper School Film Teacher. “The film's unique themes, subject matter, and visual language make it a remarkable viewing experience unlike any other."

Hoenig also emphasized how this project serves as a valuable learning opportunity for students aspiring to enter the industry, providing hands-on experience in various crew positions and directorial roles. With a $1,500 budget allocated by the school, students have the freedom to allocate funds towards props, costumes, food, and locations, mirroring standard industry practices. 

During the Film IV Symposium, students engage with the audience through a screening followed by a Q&A session moderated by Hoenig, replicating the atmosphere and structure of professional film festival events, and fostering dialogue surrounding the creative process and the film's themes.

"Witnessing the annual progress of my film students fills me with immense pride. I'm grateful for the invaluable support of the school’s administration, fellow faculty members, parents, and the entire student body,” said Hoenig. “Producing significant work like To the Max truly takes a village."

 Congratulations to all the students involved in this production:

  • Writer/Director - Sundiata Enuke ‘24

  • Producer - Dylan De Cesare ’24 

  • Executive Producer - Monica Hoenig

  • Cashier - Nathan Danese ’25

  • Extra - Rain Herbert ‘25 

  • Cinematographer - Morgan Washington ’24

  • Gaffer - Madison Grimes-Waynes ’24

  • Production Designer - Eden Spalding ’24 

  • First Assistant Director - Eden Spalding ’24

  • Camera Operator - Morgan Washington ’24

  • Camera Assistant - Sam Green ’25

  • Lighting Assistants - Natalia Garcias ’26, Connor Wycoff ’25

  • Sound - Asher Oden ’26, Anthony Zakari ’24

  • Script Supervisor - Noah Fox ’25

  • Production Assistants - Natalie Yerelekian ’25, Alexa Jeong ’25, Nathan Danese ’25

  • Editors - Sundiata Enuke ’24, Dylan De Cesare ’24

  • Music - Madison Grimes Waynes ’24

  • Colorists - Morgan Washington ’24, Sundiata Enuke ’24

  • Title Design - Dylan De Cesare ’24

  • Poster Design - Sundiata Enuke ’24 

Additionally, a special thanks to all the non-Viewpoint students who contributed to this production.


  • Zen - Harmony Elise Jones

  • Linny - Báilaunni Shelton-Bueno

  • Jim - Chris Stegal

  • Young Zen - Brielle 

  • Zen’s Dad - Francis Edemobi

  • Zen’s Mom - Anasthasia Enuke

  • Extras - Josiah Little

Production Support:

  • Production Designer - Amy Enuke

  • Camera Operator - Ángel Hernandez

  • Sound - Zoë Hellings

  • Production Assistant - Rae Brown

  • Poster Design - Bella Villa 

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And the Viewpoint Award Goes to…

It’s awards season at Viewpoint School and 91 of our Middle and Upper School students were ready for their close-up at two ceremonies held in the Carlson Family Theater. At the end of every school year, our faculty and administrators recognize the outstanding academic, athletic, and artistic abilities of our students, in addition to leadership and community service efforts. With an audience of proud parents and friends, our department and division heads presented certificates, plaques, flowers, and special stipends to our deserving students. At the Upper School Awards Ceremony, representatives from the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce were on hand to present a special business studies award.

“I want to thank our students for inspiring us, aspiring to the expectations we establish and often leaping way over and past them,” said Mark McKee, Head of School. “Additionally, the invaluable support provided by our Viewpoint parents in our students’ success does not go unnoticed. Thank you for the work that you do in supporting the work that we do here at Viewpoint School.”

Also known around campus as “clapping season,” Head of Upper School Alan Howie encouraged students to give their parents a round of applause.

“Know that your parents are incredibly proud of you. Know that when you succeed they feel that a thousand times more than you do,” said Howie. “Know that when you step up on this stage, it brings them incredible joy. Know that your hard work means a lot.” 

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Upper School:

  • George Alcantar Jr. ’24 - VSSA Social Justice, Ethics, and Leadership Award

  • Daniyar Ali ’24 - National Merit, Music Award

  • Alivia Alva ’24 - National Merit

  • Max Allison ’25 - Latin Award

  • Avrick Altmann ’24 - National Merit, Physics Award

  • Ethan Argano-Rush ’24 - Technical Theatre Award

  • Austin Basch ’24 - Calabasas Chamber of Commerce Award

  • Sophia Barnes ’25 - Dance Award

  • Jessica Cao ’24 - Arthur B O’Leary

  • Shawn Ching ’25 - Digital Art Piece of the Year, English Award

  • Doreen Choroomi ’24 - Community Service 

  • Oluyeni Denloye ’24 - Athletics Award

  • Naomi Engle ’24 - National Merit

  • Sundiata Enuke ’24 - Film Department Award, VSSA Social Justice, Ethics, and Leadership Award

  • Jack Fasching ’24 - Advanced Math Award

  • Noah Fox ’25 - Computer Science and Design Award

  • Kaylee Foxhoven ’25 - Sculpture of the Year

  • Sam Green ’25 - Zaki Gordon '94 Film Award, Thelma B. Sitton

  • Jude Holling ’24 - Cooper Scholar-Athlete Award, Salutatorian

  • Julianna Hughes ’24 - National Merit, Valedictorian

  • Zooey Jeong ’25 - Environmental Science Award, Handley Award for American Studies, Chinese Award

  • Alexa Jeong ’25 - English Language and Composition Award

  • Ella Katz ’25 - French Award

  • Sadie Kieffer ’26 - Upper School Student of the Year

  • Violet Kaltman ’24 - Mary Carpenter Award for Arts

  • Devan Kumar ’24 - AP Statistics Award

  • Riley Lashever ’24 - VSSA Service Award

  • Cici Liu ’24 - Picture of the Year, Barbara Exum Art Award, Computer Science and Design Award, Band Award

  • Emma Lake ’25 - English Award

  • Kasey Lee ’24 - Athletics Award

  • Mia Rappaport ’25 - Sculpture of the Year

  • Laurel Eith ’24 - Vocal Award, Theatre Award

  • Layla Nassab ’25 - Spanish Award

  • Amelia Newman ’25 - Computer Science and Design Award

  • Izzy Parsky ’25 - Sculpture of the Year

  • Mia Rappaport ’25 - Sculpture of the Year

  • Kaylyn Robertson ’24 - National Merit, AP Calculus Award

  • Kasey Lee ’24 - Athletics Award

  • Lina Saley ’25 - Ceramic Piece of the Year, Chemistry Award

  • Megan Shaw ’26 - Meryl Staley Performing Arts Award/Scholarship

  • Azim Stack ’24 - National Merit

  • Jarrett Walker ’24 - Biology Award

  • Joshua Wang ’25 - Advanced Math Award

  • William Yao ’24 - National Merit

  • August Yin ’24 - National Merit

  • Maryn Yokoyama ’25 - Social Studies Award

  • Grace Zhu ’24 - Photograph of the Year

Middle School:

  • Sixth Grade

    • Devon Chang ’30 - Mandarin Chinese

    • Dragon Chang ’30 - Mathematics, English

    • Leah Hirsh ’30 - Spanish

    • Ely Horenstein ’30 - Science

    • Colin Pan ’30 - Science, Social Studies

    • Grace Rasmussen-Nilsen ’30 - Instrumental Music

    • Usha Sarvaiya ’30 - Instrumental Music, Social Studies

    • Arwen Schaffer ’30 - Latin

    • Gabriella Scher ’30 - English, Choir

    • Jai Shivakumar ’30 - Mathematics

    • Delilah Teshinsky ’30 - French

  • Seventh Grade

    • Alex Darway ’29 - Science

    • Rinya Dilg ’29 - Latin

    • Alyssa Go ’29 - Mandarin Chinese

    • Peyton Goto-Lynch ’29 - Computer Science & Design

    • Asher Hakakha ’29 - Mathematics, Social Studies

    • Finn Harrington ’29 - Dance

    • Ruby Jacobs ’29 - Social Studies

    • Ethan Kim ’29 - Mathematics

    • Madison Kim ’29 - Science, French

    • Moses Kimock ’29 - Film & Video

    • Henry McMellen ’29 - Computer Science & Design

    • Dempsey Palmer ’29 - English

    • Annabelle Rosen ’29 - Spanish

    • Brendan Rubinstein ’29 - English

    • Simone Rudnicki ’29 - Photography

  • Eighth Grade

    • Jacob Artof ’28 - Jazz Laboratory

    • Kayla Boudai ’28 - Spanish

    • William Bradway ’28 - Computer Science & Design

    • Noah Bush ’28 - Computer Science & Design

    • Els Collier-Ream ’28 - Mathematics

    • Phoebe Donlon ’28 - Theatre Arts

    • Elise Fleming ’28 - Theatre Arts, Service Learning Award

    • Rowan Green ’28 - Science, Social Studies, Student of the Year Award

    • Madeline Lee ’28 - Social Studies

    • Anya Luo ’28 - English

    • Sofia Massie ’28 - Art

    • Skylar Meehan ’28 - Film & Video

    • Ved Reddy ’28 - Mathematics

    • Roux Sanders ’28 - Art

    • Ellen Su ’28 - Ceramics, Science

    • Dio Sweney ’28 - Latin

    • Kayla Timmons ’28 - Orchestra, Mandarin Chinese

    • Isabella Wang ’28 - French

    • Evie Wilkins ’28 - Vocal Ensemble

    • Ella Wright ’28 - English, Concert Winds, Scholar of the Year Award

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Honoring Academic Excellence: Viewpoint's Cum Laude Society Welcomes 22 New Inductees

Twenty two of our Senior and Junior class members were recently inducted into the Cum Laude Society for their exceptional academic achievements during a ceremony at the Carlson Family Theater.

The Cum Laude Society is a prestigious national academic honor society established in 1906. Since earning school membership in the Society in 1992, Viewpoint’s chapter has dedicated itself to promoting intellectual activity among students, including sponsoring events like talks and the annual Coffeehouse performance. Each spring, students are selected for membership by a faculty committee during their Junior or Senior year, with new members comprising no more than 10 percent of a class.

The event began by acknowledging last year's inductees, including Daniyar Ali ’24, Avrick Altmann ’24, Alivia Alva ’24, Sophia Alva ’24, Austin Basch ’24, Jessica Cao ’24, Naomi Engle ’24, Jack Fasching ’24, Julianna Hughes ’24, Kaylyn Robertson ’24, and Jarett Walker ’24. They were then joined by the following new inductees.

Class of 2024:

  • Laurel Eith

  • Congkai Tyger Ji

  • Devan Kumar

  • Siyuan Cici Liu

  • Ashley Morrow

  • Morgan Omordia

  • Zachary Rutten

  • Azim Stack

  • Roark Wanner-Ruffalo

  • Brandon Warner

  • TianYi Justin Zhang

Class of 2025:

  • Mahdi Alhassani

  • Sheraz Ali

  • Max Allison

  • Julian Dans

  • Sam Green

  • Eric He

  • Alexa Jeong

  • Zooey Jeong

  • Ella Katz

  • Lina Saley

  • Joshua Wang

Dr. Kristin Herkstroeter and Alivia Alva '24 spoke at the event, while Daniyar Ali '24 performed a movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64, accompanied by Kyle deTarnowsky. Following the ceremony, a reception was held on the Marafino Family Terrace.

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the Cum Laude Society. Your dedication to academic excellence is truly commendable, and we eagerly anticipate the positive contributions you will make in the future.

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Highest Concentration by Institution

Three or more attending:
10 University of Southern California  
7 Northeastern University
7 University of California, Berkeley
6 New York University
4 University of Miami
4 University of Wisconsin-Madison
3 California Lutheran University
3 Chapman University
3 Syracuse University
3 University of Washington

Two attending:
Georgetown University
Pepperdine University
Tufts University 
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania